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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 52

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 is all that and a bag of chips as it wanders through the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 and also at 4pm on digital KUT2 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 52 includes Three Secrets for Looking Young...You're Still My Favorite Color...Grand Canyon...Not Quite Nutcracker (and way better than christmas carols)...The Mikie Show #12, John Brady...Listening to Northern Lights...Walkthrough Haunted House...A "Bonjour Chanson" Special: A Conversation with Jean-Jacques Goldman...How to Catch a Lab Rat...Reflections of Fathers

Three Secrets For Looking Young

From The humble Farmer | 02:18

You Already Know This

Humbleoats_small You Already Know This

You're Still My Favorite Color

From One Hello World | Part of the One Hello World series | 01:40

Love is so much more than just being in love.

One-hello-world_small Love is so much more than being in love.

// Thanks for reminding us that love is made up of many things.

Grand Canyon

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Scott Carrier stories series | 03:35

A father and son hike.

Scgrandcanyon_small Father and son spend a week together traveling and hiking America's Grand Canyon.

The Mikie Show # 12, John Brady

From Michael Carroll | Part of the The Mikie Show series | 28:02

Show twelve features an interview with commercial airline pilot (now retired) John Brady. He started his career in an open cockpit biplane and retired piloting an L1011 300 passenger wide body jetliner. Claude returns for a short tête à tête. There's always some news and I find I must deal with my good and bad side. There's more, and it's all natural!

Airplanes_small Show twelve. Holy cow a dozen episodes. Never thinking we would make it this far, we've decided to continue on. There'll be a thirteen, fourteen, fifteen!! Ah, sorry, back to twelve. We interview John Brady retired airline pilot. He's been around long enough to have soloed in a biplane and end up piloting the top of the line jets for Eastern Airlines. From a bomber pilot instructor during WW II, to landing a DC-3 in heavy icing conditions. he's about seen it all. Our friend (ami?) Claude comes by for a little help. The Hi There's return, there's a quiz, some news. So much stuff, how can you resist!

Listening to Northern Lights

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Wandering Jew stories series | 07:31

Recordist Steve McGreevey captures the solar sounds of space weather, the northern lights, aka, Natural Radio.

Bg_sunsong_small [Note: this is the same piece Lost and Found Sound posted, but without the NPR host, and with lots of out ambi.]

Natural Radio recordist Steve McGreevy was in Canada last year for the Northern Lights: not to see them, but to hear them. You can do that, if you have the right equipment. And Steve's got a van full. Producer Barrett Golding introduces us to Natural Radio -- the sound of earth's magnetic field. Like the auroral lights, Natural Radio effects tend to be stronger around the spring and fall equinox, and near the earth's poles. So whenever Steve gets a chance, he heads north, into the wilderness, away from electrical interference, where the listening is best.

Walkthrough Haunted House

From Jake Warga | 05:32

Is this house Haunted?

Walk_small Commentary: Halloween? Asking owners why they think their house is haunted, and concluding... Aired ATC 7-14-04

A "Bonjour Chanson" Special: A Conversation with Jean-Jacques Goldman.

From Charles Spira | 37:29

Bonjour Chanson has a conversation with Jean-Jacques Goldman, the legendary French songwriter/interpreter. The subject is the impact of immigrants on the renewal and enrichment of French Popular Music The exchange is illustrated with musical excerpts. The English voice-over is by Christian Kittery.


France would not be the same without the music of Jean-Jacques Goldman. His songs are heard all the time, either in his own voice, or through other artists for whom he composed and continues to compose songs.

For several years, during the nineties, he toured the world with the ensemble Fredericks, Goldman, Jones, whose members were an American, a Welshman and himself.

After publishing the album "En Passant" in 1997 he applied himself to songwriting and continued the tradition of planning the yearly charitable event "The Restaurants of the Heart" of which he is one of the main organizers, a consuming responsibility

Jean-Jacques values his privacy, does not talk to the Press and does not give interviews.  We feel honored that he chose to make an exception for "Bonjour Chanson".  Our conversation is wide-ranging but the theme is the influence of foreigners on French Popular Music. This English version, with a voice-over by Christian Kittery is the only one that will be made public. Musical excerpts illustrate the conversation.

How to catch a lab rat

From Matt Larson | 21:59

A real-life story of scientific fraud


After months of struggling to reproduce scientific results from another lab, Lawrence began to suspect that his collaborators weren't being completely honest about their findings. He decides to visit the lab to investigate, and unwittingly steps into a scientific game of cat-and-mouse. Will Lawrence lose faith in the science, or will the scientific method help him uncover the truth?

Reflections of Fathers

From Jay Allison | Part of the Animals and Other Stories series | 04:51

A son's love for his father and his bugs

Animals a.k.a. "Bugs and Dads", this piece is about John May's insect museum, his love for his father, and the reflections of all fathers in all children. (NOTE TO STATIONS: Be sure to frame this piece as "vintage," produced in the 1980s. While the content holds up fine, you need to note the fact that this story was made about 20 years old, so that you don't unintentionally mislead your listeners into thinking these are contemporary voices.)