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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 151 (3-47)

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 gets you ready for Halloween with more of the very best from the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 and also at 4pm on digital KUT2 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 151 (3-47) includes Vampire...HV074- Bloody Hell...Beware of Shortcuts!...The Tell-Tale Heart...Ghost Stories...The Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virginia...Through A Door


From David Greenberger | Part of the The Duplex Planet series | 01:58

A stream-of-consciousness recitation of facts from an imagined horror film including Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, with spooky music followed by a ragtime conclusion.

David Greenberger

Default-piece-image-0 A stream-of-consciousness recitation of facts from an imagined horror film including Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, with spooky music, followed by a ragtime conclusion. Part of the Duplex Planet project, this is a selection from the 1998 CD, The Duplex Planet Hour, with music by pianist Terry Adams. Artist David Greenberger has been collecting thoughts, memories and stories from elderly Americans for more than a quarter century. Genuine, moving, and often funny, combined with music, the pieces explore issues of aging by revealing real characters that are in decline, but are still very much alive. They reveal the common threads of our humanity.

HV074- Bloody Hell

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 54:00

An hour of horror for All Hallows' Eve, the first half is bloody, the second goes to hell: ESP, dreams and intuition drip "Blood on the Pulpit" by David Greenberger. La Llorona, the crying woman, is Mexico's bogeyman. ZBS adapts Cherokee writer Craig Strete's "The Bleeding Man." FM Einheit delves in Dante's DivineComedy in a "Radio Inferno." A woman narrates her found-sound trip to hell with Jesus. Shel Silverstein introduces us to "Monsters I've Met." And the 90 Second Cellphone Chillin' Theater wonders what's in "The Box."


Host: Tom Lopez of ZBS Productions

An hour of horror for All Hallows’ Eve, the first half is bloody, the second goes to hell:

“Blood on the Pulpit” (5:03) David Greenberger

Based on a conversation with Edna Wofford about ESP, dreams and intuition. From the 2003 CD, Mayor of the Tennessee River. Artist David Greenberger of Duplex Planet has been collecting the thoughts, memories and stories from elderly Americans for more than a quarter century.

“The Bleeding Man” (12:05) ZBS

From birth, a young Native American has been bleeding from his chest. The government keeps him locked in a cell, refusing to heed his uncle’s warnings. A 3D ZBS adaptation of Cherokee writer Craig Strete’s short story from The Bleeding Man and Other Science Fiction Stories.

“La Llorona” (5:31) Ginna Allison

La Llorona — the weeping woman — is the Mexican equivalent of the bogeyman. The man she loved rejected her, in madness she drowned her children, then herself. Now she roams the night wailing “Aaay, Mis Hijos;” a scary story that keeps children from wandering at night: “La Llorona will get you.”

“I Want to Bite Your Hand” (2:03 excerpt) Gene Moss (MP3J mashup)

Gene Moss’s 1964 Beatles parody mixed w/ SFX by MP3J. Full vers at Mashuptown, “I Want to Bite Your Hand”" (2:50 mp3)

“Jesus and I Go to Hell” (6:48) found-sound

From a cassette tap found by The Professor of WFMU (mp3) & TheAudioKitchen.net.

Thunderstorms in the foothills of the Adirondacks, recorded with Fritz, the binaural microphone that captures surround-sound for headphone listening.

Cantos (7:44 excerpt from Radio Inferno) Andreas Ammer & FM Einheit

In 1993, German artist Andreas Ammer and members of Einstürzende Neubauten, with the laste-great BBC rock DJ John Peel, conspired to create a radio play based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. Radio Inferno music is by Einstürzende’s FM Einheit. Blixa Bargeld plays Dante, Phil Minton is Virgil, and John Peel is “The Radio” narrator. Caspar Brotzmann played guitar, and Bootsy Collins is among the guest musicians. (MP3s at WFMU).)

“Monsters I’ve Met” (0:33) Shel Silverstein

From his collection The Best Of Shel Silverstein His Words His Songs His Friends.

“Yodeling Ghost” (2:10) Patsy Montana

A 1940s Cowgirl C&W classic, on the CD Cowboy’s Sweetheart.

“The Box” (2:03) ZBS

From their collection of tiny telephonic terrors titled: 90 Second Cellphone Chillin’ Theater.

“Halloween” (5:16) Kevin Kling

The storyteller crosses genders and religion in this Trick or Treat trip around town, from Kling’s CD Home And Away.

Beware of Shortcuts!

From Peter Bochan | Part of the Shortcuts series | 54:37

A Classic Halloween Special recorded and mixed on a two track machine and spliced together by hand--"from the bodies I took from graveyards..."

Images-3_small A Halloween special with Fay Wray, Bela Lugosi, The Firesign Theatre, Claude Rains, Dwight Frye, Boris Karloff, Ray Bolger, Lon Chaney Jr, George Harrison, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, ELO, The Rolling Stones, Edward Van Sloan, Helen Chandler, Robert Armstrong, Lionel Atwill, Una O'Connor, Maria Ouspenskaya, Cary Grant, Jethro Tull, Judy Garland, Humprhey Bogart, Margret Hamilton, Bert Lahr, Scott Muni, Walter Carlos, Monty Python, David Bowie, John Lennon, Chrysalis, Blue Oyster Cult, The Youngbloods, The Grateful Dead, Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, the cast of "Peter Pan", Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Warren Zevon and many others... Recorded and mixed on a 2 Track machine and originally broadcast in October of 1979 and spliced together by hand--"from the bodies I took from graveyards..."I created it!" A "Mini-Cab Driver" sketch by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore was added to the original 45 minute production somewhere in the eighties, along with a transfer of John Zacherle's classic "Dinner with Drac" from the original 45 rpm single--scratches intact. Zacherle also lends his announcing talents to the production credit tag.

The Tell-Tale Heart

From KUER | Part of the Radio Hour series | 17:24

Radio Production of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"

The Tell-Tale Heart

Radiopoehigh_small KUER's RadioWest and Salt Lake City's Plan B Theatre Company present Edgar Allan Poe's horror classic "The Tell-Tale Heart." Murder -- guilt --insanity. The terror is brought to life in this full radio production.

The Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virignia

From WHRV | Part of the Halloween Haunts series | 02:02

The Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond Virginia

Halloweenhauntspodcast_small The Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond- Learn how a cast iron statue of a dog was saved from being melted down for weapons during the civil war and how the dog now stands and protects a child's grave.

Through a Door

From Sarah Boothroyd | 07:48

A haunted and historical soundscape.

Through_a_door_-_jason_barbieri_-_greyscale_crop_small The Nicholas Street Jail in Ottawa was built in 1862, shut down in the 1970s, and described by a jail inspector in 1946 as "a monstrous relic of an imperfect civilization where cells are medieval, incredibly cramped, with conditions far below the limits of human decency." How could a place like this not have a story to tell?

This work was commissioned in 2007 by CBC Radio's Outfront and the Deep Wireless Festival, a festival produced in Toronto by New Adventures in Sound Art.