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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 36

Compiled By: KUT

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O’Dark 30 is KUT's wildly energetic adventure through the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 36 includes John Pierson's Master Class with Elizabeth Avellan...Advertising for Love in Old New York...Ghosts of Gary...Dime Stories:"Tommy" read by Author Kelly Ruth Winter...Snap Judgment 105: Warning Signs...Fashion...The Man You Can't Ignore...Stories From the Heart of the Land III Journeys Home and Away

Advertising for Love in Old New York

From Emma Jacobs | 06:38

Historian and blogger Pam Epstein why 19th century Americans turned to the personals.

Hairdye_small It’s always tough to meet people. It used to be even tougher. Emma Jacobs talks with a woman who’s reading the personals—from the nineteenth century. Pam Epstein talks about how the country was changing in the 19th century and the measures new urbanites went to to find someone new.

Ghosts of Gary

From Robin Amer | 19:14

The story of one abandoned movie theater is the story of this very post-industrial city. People haunt places, and places haunt people.

Ghosts of Gary
Robin Amer

Ghosts_of_gary_pic_small Ghosts of Gary is an exploration of Gary, Indiana’s semi-abandoned downtown and historic past. Dorothy, a non-Indiana native, stumbles into Gary on a road trip and sees the remnants of its once vibrant downtown. Among the shuttered buildings is the stately Palace movie theater, long-closed. But how long closed? Has it been closed since the Jackson Five, still advertised on the theater's marquee, were last together? Has Gary's downtown been a ghost town that long?

With the help of some life-long Gary residents, an urban explorer, and an investigative journalist, Ghosts of Gary unravels the mystery of the Palace Theater and how long it has been closed. On the way the story touches upon John Dillinger’s escape from the Crown Point jail, the subbasements of Broadway Avenue and the economic exploits of Donald Trump.

The individual stories and interviews in this series originally aired on Vocalo.org as part of several different live broadcasts between June and October of 2007. Production by Robin Amer. Additional production of title segment by Adam Yoffe and Tom Herman. Music by Mudboy and Black Forest/Black Sea. Voices, in order are: Dorothy Fennell, Laura Jones, Mr. Matthews, Eugene Pawlak, “Syd,” and Steve Walsh. Photo by Dorothy Fennell.

Ghosts of Gary won Best Radio Documentary of 2007 from the Indiana chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists. It was also a finalist for a Peter Lisagor Award from the Chicago Headline Club in the Radio Documentary category.

"Tommy" read by author Kelly Ruth Winter

From Amy Wallen | Part of the DimeStories series | 04:33

Two children grow up completely different

Tommy_small A five-year-old girl falls in love with Tommy, a boy her mother babysits.  Over the years we see them grow up in the same environment but taking very different paths.


From The humble Farmer | :46

I hold up my pants with suspenders

The humble Farmer

Humbleoats_small We read that American prisoners wear their pans low because they are not allowed to have anything that would hold them up.

Stories from the Heart of the Land III - Journeys Home and Away

From Atlantic Public Media | Part of the Stories from the Heart of the Land series | 55:34

Hour-long program about the intersection of people and the natural world.

Shllogo_small "Finding yourself": isn't that the thing that kids do with backpacks in Europe? Not always. In this hour, we send a few brave radio producers out into nature on a mission of discovery. James Spring goes to Mexico in search of old-growth trees - and his youthful idealism. Jon Miller travels a trail he built in his twenties, and ponders what it means to leave his mark. And Sherre Delys discovers how hard it is to leave herself behind when she follows an aboriginal friend into the Australian outback. Also: when barrio boy Luis Urrea travels to his father's home state in Mexico, his world becomes - literally - clear to him. Pieces by Sherre Delys, Barrett Golding, James Spring, Luis Urrea, and Jon Miller. 1. What does a journalist do when she can't ask questions? Yingiya Guyulu takes Sherre Delys to his homeland and teaches her a thing or two about the proper time and place for a story. 2. Biking the western back roads past rivers, reservations, and road kill, Barrett Golding finds the time to see how it all connects. 3. Take a motorcycle trip into a hidden corner of the Mexican economy - the Sierra Madre, where the forests are coming down and the marijuana is cropping up. 4. For fourteen years, Luis Urrea was a clumsy barrio boy. Then, while on a trip to Mexico's Sinaloa State, he got his first pair of glasses - and discovered a new kind of grace. 5. As a young trail builder, Jon Miller decided to "take only pictures, leave only footprints". Twenty years later, he returns to discover what a big footprint he's left. Original Music for the series was composed and performed by Bill Frisell NB: ALL PROMOS INTERCHANGEABLE (even those with titles) you can pick and choose from any hour. :15 promos need "...Join host Jay Allison for Stories from the heart of the Land" tag. Funding: Supported by The Nature Conservancy and Visa. Media Contact: Deborah Blakeley - blakeley@pclink.com 612-377-1207