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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 49

Compiled By: KUT

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O’Dark 30 is KUT's wonderful and charming stroll through the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 49 includes Running From Myself...Snap Judgment #117: Spooked...The Mikie Show #11 Dimitri and Girts...Two Days on Key West...American Spirit: A History of the Supernatural...Melvin is Dead...Snakes

Running from Myself

From 826NYC | 17:51

Louis struggles to reconcile bad choices he's made in the past.

Default-piece-image-1 For most of his high school career, Louis lived in a way that he later came to regret. This piece is his investigation into why he did what he did, what made him stop, and, most importantly, if he's really changed for good. Louis tells his story in a straight-forward and engaging manner, often using conversations and interviews conducted with various figures in his life.

The Mikie Show #11 Dimitri & Girts

From Michael Carroll | Part of the The Mikie Show series | 28:02

It's not often one gets to speak with best in the world athletes, but we lucked out here on The Mikie Show. Show eleven features an interview with Dimitri Milkevics and Girts Azis—both members of the Latvian National Track Team. Dimitri represented Latvia in the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. They are both training for the 2012 London Games. I get to try out one of Señor Glow's presents, Tom the Scot is with us, all the stuff you love, right here!

Latvian_flag_small Show eleven features an interview with two of Latvia's Olympic hopefuls. Actually one of them, Dimitri Mikevics, represented Latvia in the Athens games of 2004 and the Beijing Games in 2008. Dimitri runs the 800 meters, Girts runs the 1500 meters. Geez, these guys are in such good shape. I challenged them to a foot race and the results are right here on The Mikie Show. Also, since we're a variety show, you can enjoy our other features: The News, our Sound Quiz, Tom the Scot stops by with a new riddle and so much more! Thanks for tuning in.

Two Days on Key West

From The humble Farmer | 01:15

An Island Adventure

Humbleoats_small A man should let his wife do all the packing

Melvin is Dead

From Sally Richardson | 05:19

First-person response to a surprising phone message from my brother about my old dog Melvin.

Gkids94_small After hearing a surprising message from my older brother, I couldn't stop thinking about my poor, old dog Melvin. Divorce pulled me 10 hours north from my old pal six years ago, and I couldn't help but think that things might have ended differently if I were still there with him. Actual voice messages from my family frame the story. It's not as sad as you think (though it did make my mom cry a little). I think you'll enjoy it. I am a true radio rookie - this is my first piece ever! I would absolutely love some feedback.


From Jay Allison | Part of the Animals and Other Stories series | 11:04

The worth, or worthlessness, of the legless reptile

Jay Allison

Animals A vintage montage meditating on the worth, or worthlessness, of the legless reptile. Civilized and primitive man collide...in discussing the snake, the human is revealed. (NOTE TO STATIONS: Be sure to frame this piece as "vintage," produced in the 1980s. While the content holds up fine, you need to note the fact that this story was made about 20 years old, so that you don't unintentionally mislead your listeners into thinking these are contemporary voices.)