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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 21

Compiled By: KUT

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Finally old enough to drink, O’Dark 30 is KUT's exploration of the world of independent radio production. Every Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 21 includes Stories From the Heart of the Land--Depending on Nature...Topless Waitress in Vassalboro, Maine...Home From Africa...secret kitty...The Mayor of Nichols...The Moth Radio Hour #2

Stories from the Heart of the Land VI - Depending on Nature

From Atlantic Public Media | Part of the Stories from the Heart of the Land series | 54:04

Hour-long program about the intersection of people and the natural world

Prxfile128640_small DEPENDING ON NATURE We're all dependent on the land, although some people feel that connection more keenly than others. Those are the people we'll hear from in the next hour. We hear from people planting stones for posterity and gathering peace from emptiness, people who commit to a patch of land, invest their energy, and hope for a harvest but not necessarily in any way you'd expect. 1. Wild Crafting Vermont For more than 25 years, Nova Kim and Les Hook have made a living by foraging the woods of Northern Vermont. Produced by Emily Botein. 2. Graun em i Laif Papua New Guinea After a rootless childhood and a hopscotch youth, Skye Rohde settles down in Papua New Guinea and discovers what it's like to belong to the land. 3. Stone by Stone Lake District, United Kingdom For twenty years, rain or shine, Andrew Loudon has been building stone walls in the Lake District. Produced by Kim Normanton. 4. Faith in Fishermen Stonington, Maine These things are clear about Maine fishermen: They keep secrets. And they distrust scientists. Unless, of course, you're Ted Ames, who is both fisherman and scientist. Produced by Neenah Ellis. 5. Desert Blooms Arizona Charles Bowden on the ecstasy of Selenicereus plerantus, which offers its bloom on just one night - the hottest and blackest of the year. Produced by Jeff Rice. 6. Elbow Room Alaska, China and Mongolia How much land does a person need? Elizabeth Arnold, who lives in Alaska, goes in search of even more wide-open space and ends up with a case of claustrophobia in Outer Mongolia. Original Music for the series was composed and performed by Bill Frisell NB: ALL PROMOS INTERCHANGEABLE (even those with titles) you can pick and choose. :15 promos need "...Join host Jay Allison for Stories from the heart of the Land" tag. Funding: Supported by The Nature Conservancy and Visa. Contact: Deborah Blakeley - blakeley@pclink.com 612-377-1207

Topless Waitresses in Vassalboro, Maine

From The humble Farmer | 01:35

Vassalboro's planning board has approved an application for a coffee shop with topless waitresses


We are staggered by the implications

"Home From Africa"

From Jake Warga | 20:03

A Peace Corps adventure

Painting_small Follow Jenafir into the heart of Africa and the human condition. Mixed interview and sent tapes: hear the symptoms of chronic Peace Corps Withdrawal, what village life is like, and how the hardest culture shock is coming home. Winner: Clarion Award. Society of Professionals in Journalism--MOE. Finalist: Gracie. NFCB Orig. posted Transom.org 12/01 Orig. Aired "Savvy Traveler" 1/02 HearingVoices: Woman's History Month Orig. 34min (better) version available. Contact jakesterw@yahoo.com

The Mayor of Nichols

From Third Coast International Audio Festival | 34:33

A remembrance of a friend from junior high school who was murdered in 2000 by a chicago policeman

Default-piece-image-0 In 1972, I knew Arthur Earl Hutchinson as an eighth grader, full of beans. In 2000 he was shot by a Chicago policeman and killed. At the time he was described as homeless. I wanted to go back and try and find out what happened to him in the thirty three years since I had last seen him. This piece is a personal remembrance.
Featured on Transom.org. For more information and conversation, visit "The Mayor of Nichols" on Transom.