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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 14

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O’Dark 30 is an exploration of the world of independent radio production. It airs Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin. Every week we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production It's audio that deserves an audience.

Episode 14 pieces include Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse...Portrait of an Artist: Neil Blumofe...Lucy and the Bike Girl...Fixed Gear Bikes...a report from Hamilton, New York with David Hollis...(i have not yet begun to rot)...The Scary Plan...Space Ash (or Sending Your Ashes Into Space)...Austin's Vagina Monologues en Espanol...The Mikie Show #1 Rob...On the Tip of Aggravated: Homeless Kids and School

Remorse: The 14 Stories of Eric Morse

From Sound Portraits | 40:14

LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman's exploration of the murder of Eric Morse, a five-year-old who was pushed to his death from a 14th-floor window by two other boys.

Remorse_small Remorse, which premiered March 21, 1996, on All Things Considered, explores the death of Eric Morse, a five-year-old thrown from the fourteenth floor window of a Chicago housing project by two other boys, ten and eleven years old, in October, 1994. The documentary was reported by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman -- both residents of the Ida B. Wells housing development, where the crime took place, and both sixteen years old. Remorse marks the return of Jones and Newman to NPR's airwaves. In March of 1993, at age fourteen, they collaborated with producer David Isay for the radio documentary Ghetto Life 101, an audio diary of young people growing up on Chicago's South Side. When Eric Morse fell to his death in 1994, LeAlan and Lloyd felt compelled to pick up their tape recorders once again. They spent a year reporting the case and interviewed everyone from Eric's mother, Toni Morse, in the only interview she's granted to the press, to Vince Lane, chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority, to the father of one of the assailants. They set out to learn about the story from the inside, to see how a tragedy like this can touch a community, and to bring to light the scars it left behind. Remorse won the Grand Prize Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and a Peabody Award in 1995.

Lucy and the Bike Girl

From Hillary Frank | 10:27

Lucy can never meet her best friend in person because it might cut her life expectancy in half.

Bike_bell_small_small Lucy, a 28-year-old with cystic fibrosis, meets the "Bike Girl," who has the same disease, in an Internet chat room. They are both, against the advice of friends and doctors, trying to get pregnant. They quickly become friends but can never meet in person, because the Bike Girl carries a bacteria in her lungs that is toxic to anyone with cystic fibrosis. This piece is an experiment in combining fact and fiction. The interview tape is all from a real interview; the narration is semi-fictional.

Fixed Gear Bikes

From Jonathan Menjivar | 03:28

An exploration of the bicycle and why sometimes simpler is better.

Fgbikenazhamid_small If you've spent any time in a city in the last five years, you've probably seen a fixed gear bike. Popularized by bike messengers, the fixed gear bike strips down the modern bicycle to its origins. With only one gear, often no brakes, and no freewheel, the mechanism that allows a bicycle to coast, fixed gear bikes offer what some riders say is a closer connection to the road. In this piece, Chicago graphic designer and fixed gear enthusiast Naz Hamid (NAHZ  HAH-mihd) explains how a bicycle works...and why he loves to ride its most basic model. Originally aired on Studio 360 July 1, 2005.

I Have Not Yet Begun to Rot

From Nate DiMeo | Part of the the memory palace series | 07:05

In which we hear the story of Revolutionary War hero, John Paul Jones, and the Civil War hero who found his coffin, 100 years after it had been lost in a Paris cememtary.

Jpj_240_small In which we hear the story of Revolutionary War hero, John Paul Jones, and the Civil War hero who found his coffin, 100 years after it had been lost in a Paris cememtary.

The Scary Plan

From Hearing Voices | Part of the The Plan series | 29:03

Ghouls, Ghosts, Gore and Graves

0610planscary_small Here's The Plan: This week it's ghouls, ghosts, and gore. A half-hour of scary stories… PLAYLIST: ARTIST | AUDIO | ALBUM (*=PRX piece) 1. MP3J (w/ Gene Moss) | I Want to Bite Your Hand | Mashuptown.com 2. ZBS | The Bleeding Man | The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz 3. Shel Silverstein | Monsters I've Met | The Best Of Shel Silverstein 4. Lon Chaney Jr./Ronald Stein | Song From Spider Baby | Not of This Earth! The Film Music of Ronald Stein 5. David Greenberger And The Shaking Ray Levis | Blood On The Pulpit* | Mayor Of The Tennessee River 6. Alfred Hitchcock | Hitchcock 1 | Ghost Stories For Young People 7. Ginna Allison | La Llorona | Tellus #11 - The Sound of Radio 8. Marianne Faithfull | Alone | Closed On Account Of Rabies - Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe 9. David Greenberger & Terry Adams | Vampire* | The Duplex Planet Station Promo Text The Scary Plan- Here's The Plan: Ghouls, ghosts, and gore. A half-hour of scary stories; this week, for Halloween and Dios de los Muertos (the Days of the Dead), that is The Plan. Go beyond the grave, this [DAY] at [TIME] on [STATION]. For an excellent hour program combine The Scary Plan with: Jake Warga- Haunted Cabin (20:00). Hassberry Theatre Company- The Raven (9:09).

Space Ash (or Sending your ashes into space)

From Cooper St. James | 08:09

For the man or women that HAD everything...send your ashes into space when you die. I found a company that can handle this service for you.

Default-piece-image-2 For the man or women that HAD everything...send your ashes into space when you die.  I found a company that can handle this service for you. 

The Mikie Show #1 Rob

From Michael Carroll | Part of the The Mikie Show series | 28:02

Our inauspicious beginning. We introduce Señor Glow and The Hi There’s. A guest interview with dance music artist and dj Rob Rives. We discuss the finer points of dance music and the chill thrill of deejaying in the world’s coolest clubs. There’s a sound quiz and more!

Coolandgroovy_small Welcome to The Mikie Show. A half hour variety show with guest interviews, quizzes and a whole lot more. This episode we speak with dj extraordinaire Rob Rives. He's been everywhere deejaying clubs and parties we all wish we could attend. Señor Glow® stops by with a demo of his magic ball. Plus, the Hi There's® come by as well. There's more, thanks for tuning in!