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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 19

Compiled By: KUT

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They said it would never last but we're back with Week 19 of O’Dark 30, KUT's exploration of the world of independent radio production. Every Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 19 includes The Moth Radio Hour #1...The Penguin Goes A Courtin'...A Talk with the Brewer...Bonjour Chanson Episode 34...400 Words for 79th Street...Anonymous Baby...
Addicted to Junk...Portrait of an Author...The Sunshine Hotel...Rawfaith

The Penguin Goes A Courtin'

From Jonathan Goldstein | 03:55

Two of literature's great umbrella travelers-- The Penguin and Mary Poppins-- have dinner together in Merry Old England.

Default-piece-image-0 Before The Penguin became best known as Batman's archenemy in Gotham City, he was a boozing dandy who lived in London. The Penguin's friends all thought that if he just met the right woman, he might be inclined to settle down and avert the disastrous, alcoholic path his life appeared to be taking. His friends held a dinner party at which he was introduced to a woman they believed would make a perfect mate for him-- a singing nanny named Poppins, who, like him, traveled about by umbrella. Everyone thought the two eccentrics would get on most splendidly. Everyone, of course, was wrong.

Bonjour Chanson Series 7, Episode 34

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 7 series | 28:39

Bonjour Chanson invites English speakers into the world of French Language Popular Music by introducing Artists in English and paraphrasing portions of the songs in English. The result is an Engaging Program that can be enjoyed even if you do not speak French.

Brussels_umbrellas_small French Language Popular Music is immensely engaging.We'll bring it to you by introducing the artists and songs in English.  No French Language skills required. In each episode we introduce 6 artists with one of their songs.   We paraphrase a portion of their song in English before the Audience hears it in French.  This greatly helps in overcoming the Language Barrier. Our selection includes the latest songs in Paris, Montreal and Brussels as well as the enduring classics from years gone by.  In this episode you'll hear:
Alain Bashung, (France), Tant de Nuits
Linda Lemay, (Canada), La Marmaille
Luc de La Rochelliere, (Canada) , Beaute Perdue.
Joyce Jonathan, (France), Je Ne Sais Pas
Alain Souchon, (France), La Vie ne Vaut Rien
Maurane, (Belgium), Mes Rivieres au Bord de L'eau

400 Words for 79th Street

From Nate DiMeo | Part of the the memory palace series | 05:53

In which we hear the incredible (and incredibly sad) tale of Minik Wallace, an inuit boy who, at the age of seven, was taken to Manhattan to be studied by the Museum of Natural History.


Anonymous Baby

From Littleglobe | 03:53

A young high school student tells the story of a decision that changes her life..

Default-piece-image-2 An anonymous high school student from Santa Fe, NM creates a story about the influence of an unplanned pregnancy, the subsequent miscarriage, and the impact of these events on her very young life. 

Addicted to Junk

From Mwende Hahesy | 05:53

Mwende Hahesy introduces us to a man who finds his thrills at storage unit auctions.

01well You can get a real thrill from an unexpected find.  Some people get hooked on that feeling and look in unexpected places to keep it going. Reporter Mwende Hahesy introduces us to a man who finds his thrills at storage unit auctions.  This piece was created for the podcast B-side Radio and debuted October 23rd, 2009

The Sunshine Hotel

From Sound Portraits | 36:19

This is an audio portrait of one of the final vestiges of the Bowery, New York's notorious skid row.

Thesunshinehotel1_small This is an audio portrait of one of the final vestiges of the Bowery, New York's notorious skid row. In the first half of the century, the mile-long Bowery's bars, missions and cheap hotels (or flophouses) were home to an estimated 35,000 down-and-out men each night. Today, only a handful of flophouses, virtually unchanged for half a century, are all that remain of this once teeming world. For several months in 1998, David Isay and Stacy Abramson had unprecedented 24-hour access to the Sunshine Hotel, one of the last of the no-frills establishments. "It was like stepping into King Tut's Tomb," Isay says. "The Sunshine is this fascinating, self-contained society full of unbelievable characters. While it's a profoundly sad place, it is, at the same time, home to men with powerful and poetic stories." The Sunshine Hotel was awarded the Prix Italia, Europe's oldest and most prestigious broadcasting award, in 1999.


From Salt Institute for Documentary Studies | 07:23

George McKay had the fantastic dream to build a tall ship that’s wheel chair accessible.

Dsc03120_small Now, four years after it’s maiden voyage, George is left with an unfinished dream as he waits in a dockless purgatory in Portland, Maine’s harbor with a stranded boat.