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Playlist: O'Dark 30 Episode 04

Compiled By: KUT

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O'Dark 30 is an exploration of the world of independent radio production. A brand new program on KUT 90.5 Austin that airs Sunday nights at midnight. Every week we look forward to presenting 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production We’ve got one rule… if it’s good, we’re gonna try to bring it to Austin.

Episode 4 of O'Dark 30 includes...Bonjour Chanson episode 29...2009 Third Coast Audio Festival...Finding My Place...Stress Test

Bonjour Chanson Series 6, Episode 29

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 6 series | 26:13

Six More French artists are introduced to English speaking audiences with one of their songs. No need to speak French to enjoy the show.

Loire_valley_small In this episode we revsit one artist (Marcel Mouloudji) and iget to know 5 new ones, each with one song.  We tell you about the singers and their song in English.  You'll know what the songs are about and when you'll hear them in French, you'll  be able to relate to them and feel their emotion.
Here is the playbill for this show:
Gaetane Abrial, (France), Les Saveurs Inconnues
Marcel Mouloudji, (France), L'oiseau des Iles dans ma Tete
Marie Cherrier, (France), Le Bistrot
Francois Audran, (France), Si on Mavait Dit
Linda Lemay, (Canada), C'est que du Bois
Etienne Daho, (France), Un Merveilluex Ete

2009 Third Coast Broadcast (Hours 1 and 2)

From Third Coast International Audio Festival | 01:59:03

Hear the best and most illuminating radio stories of the year! The ninth annual Third Coast Broadcast, hosted by longtime public radio producer Gwen Macsai, showcases the prize-winning stories from the 2009 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.


The Third Coast International Audio Festival and PRI, Public Radio International, bring the best new documentaries produced worldwide to the U.S. airwaves in a special two-hour program, the "2009 Third Coast Broadcast." Hosted by award-winning writer, producer, and humorist Gwen Macsai, the featured documentaries, all winners of the ninth annual TC / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition, prove just how powerful radio can be. Innovative and insightful, the stories engage, provoke, entertain and transport listeners, proving that all one needs to discover new worlds is a little box and an antenna.

In addition to showcasing the winning documentaries, the "2009 Third Coast Broadcast" includes interviews with the winning producers, who give a glimpse into the art of audio storytelling, a profile of the year's Audio Luminary Award winner, and highlights from the annual Awards Ceremony. 

The 2009 Third Coast Broadcast is presented as a two hour program. The first hour is split into three segments (with cutaways at approximately :20 and :40 and :59) and the second hour is split into two segments (with cutaways at approximately :29 and :59).

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact info@thirdcoastfestival.org.

Finding My Place

From Judah Bruce Leblang | 22:00

A memoir piece about overcoming depression and finding hope

Default-piece-image-1 "Finding My Place" is a 'This American Life" style piece, the story of a turning point in the author's life, the ties of family that bind and sometime unwind, and the humor and hope that come when one rises out of a period of depression and moves toward hope.

Stress Test

From Hans Anderson | 07:20

I took a stress test that seemed to include testing my stress level on getting to the stress test.

Stress Test
Hans Anderson

Default-piece-image-1 I took a stress test that seemed to include testing my stress level on getting to the stress test. Experimental sound. Kind of annoying. Public radio! Ha! I laugh at you for that thought! Of course not Public Radio. Not unless I ran the show. Be glad I don't. For more information and conversation, visit this feature on Transom.org.