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Recent Pieces from Jonathan Menjivar

Caption: Electoral Map of US

HV033- Political People (54:00)
From: Hearing Voices

Producer Barrett Golding found remnants of Jefferson's theories and Toqueville's writings still very much in play, as he followed Montana's two incumbents US Representatives, ...
Caption: PRX default Piece image

Don't Drive Like My Brother (15:10)
From: Jonathan Menjivar

The story of one man in desperate need of a job.
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Music Box Man (06:04)
From: Jonathan Menjivar

A profile of Chicago's last theatre organist
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Fixed Gear Bikes (03:28)
From: Jonathan Menjivar

An exploration of the bicycle and why sometimes simpler is better.
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Andrew Bird (09:03)
From: Jonathan Menjivar

An unnarrated portrait of an unconventional songwriter.
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Letter from Chicago (10:41)
From: Jonathan Menjivar

A son in Chicago reaches out with a mic to his mom in L.A.