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Review of Single Teen Moms - Staying in School

There are usually bad stereotypes about pregnant teens who, drop out of school. In Single Teen Moms - Staying in School, there is a totally new outlook. In this piece a young female reporter explores the difficulties of the young mothers who do stick through high school. Similarly to the other stories you might have heard, they describe raising a baby as very difficult. However they are willing to makes sacrifices to ensure they make a better life for their kids. Even though trying to balance school and a child is stressful these ladies believe that bringing new life is a blessing. The piece was simple and to the point. The introduction was very good, she described her purpose for exploring the topic and also what makes her piece different from others on teen pregnancy. However it still consisted of a great step by step narration and it flowed superbly. However the piece could have been more captivating, had music been added. For a topic that has been, explored from several perspective, this was a very unique way of exploring it. The Girls also provided some great advice to young teens which was, Don't Get Pregnant!!

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Review of Fashion Obsession

I love coordinating my colors, and I love dressing up, those are the factors that drew me to the piece Fashion Obsession. In this piece a young lady, talks about not only her obsession, with fashion, but the people that caused her obsession, which includes her mother and stepfather, who she interviews. There was a time in her life that she had everything she wanted, including brand name clothing. As time progressed, they had to make adjustments, because of financial difficulties. Even though she is poor, she dresses like if she has a lot of money. The piece was loaded with skillfully placed elements. The narration was excellent. The narrator sounds so natural, being playful helps to place the listener into the story. The thing that made the piece genuine was, including everyday school life, for example passing through the metal detectors and also creating a visual scenario, by getting the description of some fellow students outfits. Overall a brilliant piece, I have absolutely no complaints.

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Review of Grandma (deleted)

Drug Addictions can be a devastating experience for young people, especially when the mother is the one abusing the drugs. In the piece "Grandma", a young girl interviews her grandmother about her twenty year drug addiction. Even though she was not born during the time of her grandmother's addiction, her family was deeply affected by it. Her father, who is her grandmother's oldest of two, speaks about what his experience was like. Her grandmother's obsession with drugs was triggered by the death of her husband. After his death, doctors gave her a lot of sleeping pills, and tranquillizers. When they stopped prescribing the pills, alcohol became her replacement drug .For twenty years, she heavily abused alcohol. This affected her children and her health. One day she fell down some stairs and had to get brain surgery. This was her turning point, she went back to school, and now owns a business that helps people with the same problems she had. This piece was touching and inspirational. There were several capturing moments. For example when she fell down the stairs she had an alcohol level of .24. The use of music was well utilized and brought a lot of emotion into the piece, by adding a bit of sadness but at the same time , giving off a sense of hope. The piece moved along fluently, and was really well done. It is a very inspirational piece.

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Review of Abortion

Abortion is a well debated issue, in life as we know it. In the piece "Abortion" the perspective given was very unique. A young man from Kentucky interviews a local woman about her view on abortion. She almost aborted her child, but was not successful. At the time that she got pregnant, she was experiencing difficulty with her husband, and was trying to get away from him. One day after crying and feeling low she decided to do something unthinkable. She squatted on the floor and inserted a coat hanger, into herself in a desperate attempt to abort the baby. She was not successful, but now she had to worry about having a healthy, child. She could have injured the child, because the object was sharp and pointy. She then speaks about the several challenges of having a baby at a young age, financially and emotionally. The narration was straight forward, but filled with feeling, which revealed that the piece was realistic. It flowed beautifully, but the ending was boring, it did not give the reader something to remember. Abortion is a well done piece. It is not going to end the debates on abortion but it gives a realistic insight on the activity, while providing good advice for young people.

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Review of Losing a Friend to AIDS

A.I.D.S is an issue that affects all of us. In fact today is National A.I.D.S Awareness Day. In this story a youth reflects on the death of a close family friend. He died from A.I.D.S. She reflected to a few years earlier when her friends told her that he had slept with someone who was infected with the detrimental disease. She talks about how his body deteriorated and the anger and confusion she faced. It was perplexing how a once strong, healthy man could become so sick that his body could shrink, to the point that he wore the same size she did at the age of ten. The capturing element for me was, the narration, even though there were no other voices, the one voice I did hear was rich in description. The pacing was well done, and I was definitely able to put myself into her shoes. Even though the mood was sad, the piece effectively builds awareness in the hearts of the listener.However I felt like there could have been a little more emotions to capture the listeners' attention for example, music would have added a lot more feeling. This piece left me thinking about how A.I.D.S can destroy the human immune system, and destroy the lives of even the young and once healthy. Unprotected sex is one of the main causes of getting this disease, hopefully this piece will help, people to understand that A.I.D.S, does not discriminate, and it could happen to anyone who does not protect themselves.

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Review of Speaking to My Heart

Being separated from your parents can be a devastating experience, unfortunately some children experience this at a young age. In the piece "Speaking to My Heart", a young mother of two, shares her experience of being separated from her kids. She has a little boy who is 3 yrs old and a girl who is 1 yr old. Both her and their father is incarcerated. She tells her story about how hard it is for her to not be able to see all the new things they learn. For example her daughter's first step was not towards her. She feels like she has screwed up their lives. When they get out of prison, they want to be two stable, consistent parents, but she worries about the time past that cannot be relived. The transitioning in this piece definitely captured my attention because, apart from using music to go into each part, the voice and laughter of a child's voice was used. The mood was very poignant, it made me want to cry; this was reflected in the narrator's voice, and the sad music. The narration also helped by, using a time line format. The listener was able to understand each step of their journey, from her having her first child at 14, to having her second at 17 to being locked up, and finally trying to make a change for her children's sake. The conclusion left the listener with a melancholy feeling. Overall really good piece, filled with emotion, and wonderfully placed elements.

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Review of Too Much TV?

I must admit, I do watch a lot of T.V; "Too Much T.V" is a very good way of providing youth with alternatives, other than watching T.V. In this piece youth talk about why youth watch so much T.V, and give suggestions on what else they can do with their time. I really liked the way the piece started with a conversation, before entering into the plot of the story, that was a very interesting way to introduce the topic. The narration was very straight forward and clear, giving the reader a precise idea of her opinion. The thing that stood out the most for me is that the piece is authentic. She uses several examples of T.V shows that youth really watch, for example "Date my mom" and "Pimp my Ride". She also did not exempt herself from being the average T.V watcher, which gives the listener the indication that she knows what she is talking about and is honest about it. On the other hand, I heard a sniffing sound near the middle, which distracted me. I also felt like the piece was dry, the element of music would have definitely added more excitement. Overall the piece was informative and provides good information. Maybe it can be the first step towards the next generation engaging in a wider variety of activities that does not include watching the television.

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Review of I'll Quit Cutting When You Quit Smoking

I have heard about, addictions such as alcohol and drugs that youth abuse to feel comforted. However never before have I heard about a story such as "Ill Quit Cutting When You Quit Smoking." The girl in the story does not abuse heroine, or drink alcohol, instead, she mutilates herself. She wants her mother to quit smoking before she quits cutting. It all started when one day she was washing the dishes and a piece of glass cut her by mistake she did not notice until she saw the blood. Her feeling of anger and tension was replaced with joy. This story was placed at the very beginning of the piece, serving as a way of capturing the listeners' attention. The narration was filled with emotion, and the stern tone in her voice helps to make the piece authentic, you can feel her hurt. The music added to the feeling of great pain. The pacing in this piece is what I like most it flowed smoothly, from mistakenly cutting herself; to gradually reaching a point where she feels cutting is living. However I felt that toward the ending there were unnecessary gaps where there was no music, and it distracted me. I will definitely remember this piece for years to come; it is rare and very interesting."

Comment for ""The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...Is That I'm Young""

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Review of "The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...Is That I'm Young"

With the growing issue of teenage pregnancies, "The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...... Is That I'm Young"
helps to build awareness among teenagers, and any piece that does that definitely captures my eyes.This piece is about, two new teenage mothers still in High school. They talk about the difficulties of telling their parents and boyfriends, and the joys and pains they feel as young mothers. One girl had alot of family support, and support from the baby's father. However the other had alot less support, and had to deal with her baby's father, being in and out of prison. By using this comparison, it helps the listner to view teenage pregnancies from two different perspectives. The tone was sometimes joyful, and sometimes pitiful, but gave a sense of hope everytime the music was used to transition into each part.However I felt like the piece could have been more descriptive. It kinda kept me guessing, and did not make me visualize alot. This piece is very informative, it just gives young people a taste of reality.Hopefully it serves as another warning that we as youth, should practice abstinence or safe sex.

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Review of Standing Outside An Execution

"Standing Outside An Execution" instantly caught my eyes, because one of the Directors of Radio Rootz actaully interviewed, Stanely 'Tookie' Willaims on that very day inwhich he was executed. This story is about a 19 year old boy, who narrates his experience of standing outisde of the prison where Tookie was to be executed within four hours. He does this from a present tense perspective.Giving in detail what he's thinking, as they drive to San Quentin.There he got to hear several arguments about redemption, the bible,and whether or not Tookie should be executed.Many believed that a miracle would happen to save Tookie's life. The narration was very important to this piece because it helped the listner in terms of visualization,by actually being inside his mind.This makes me feel like I am standing outisde the prison, awaiting Tookie's execution. Pacing was another wonderfully used element.A timeline format was used,it carries you step by step through the piece,making it flow terifically. In the intro it was stated that the 19 yr old was not political, and cannot give a reporters break down of the issues surronding Tookie's death.This makes the piece authentic, because we know he is just covering the story from an average person's point-of-view. The mood was important to the piece because at first everyone was full of hope and faith. This gradually fades as the time drew nearer to Tookie's death. When he died the mood changed from hope to sorrow. The outro leaves the listner wondering if Tookie's execution could have been prevented. Overall the piece was touching and informative.

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Review of The First Time I Left Home

There are alot of homeless children all over the world.However what really captured my attention in the piece "The First Time I Left Home," was the age of the girls and the reason they were homeless. In this piece an eleven year old girl tells her stroy about, her sister and herself being kicked out of their homes at a tender age!The reason they were kicked out was because their mother, who was on crack, did not believe them when they told her that her boyfriend was molesting them.On the streets they struggled relentlessly,from drug addictions
to prostitution. Her younger sister stayed at home, she uses both her, and her other homeless sister to tell the story.

Since the narrator was the girl it was touching and gave me a real deep sense of pity, because I can actually hear the pain in her voice. At one point she said, "I did not know where to go or who to turn to, I had to make alot of decisions on my own."The sad music,which was used to transition into different clips also added a strong sense of sadness to the mood,which made me feel like crying. The piece paints a picture that gives me the feeling as if i'm walking through the cold,dark,lonely nights with these girls. The emotions were so deep, i'll remember the piece for many years to come.However i felt like the climax moment, towards the middle could have been better if there was more tension to hold my attention.

You can understand how much, being away from home, and not living an average life,affects her because in the outro, she compares what her life could have been like had she been able to stay at home. This story is brilliant i love the deep emotions and the butterflies I get after listening to the piece. Overall this is a really well done piece.

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Review of Living With Ghosts (deleted)

Having heard many stories about encounters with ghost, Living With Ghost made me instantly curious. This piece is about a boy, who believed that spirits resided in his house. The suspense is thrilling, as people who had encounters talk about their experiences in the house.Two people were interviewed to talk about what happened while staying in the house. The introduction was extremely capturing, a personal connection was made when he said , "Have you ever been alone and felt someone is watching you?" The voice in the narration is extremely compelling and takes you step by step through the piece. The tone of his voice makes you feel like you are sitting through a horror movie, which adds more thrill to the piece. What captured my attention the most is the suspenseful, terrifying music. I felt chills up my spine each time the music was used to transition into another part. The scenery is great, I felt the tension, and confusion within the house. However a particular guy, sharing his experience, talked a lot about his tools being moved by the ghost, and I felt it was to repetitive throughout the piece.Overall this piece was great, and makes you aware of what may be lurking around in the dark, that we have no idea about.