Piece Comment

Review of Fashion Obsession

I love coordinating my colors, and I love dressing up, those are the factors that drew me to the piece Fashion Obsession. In this piece a young lady, talks about not only her obsession, with fashion, but the people that caused her obsession, which includes her mother and stepfather, who she interviews. There was a time in her life that she had everything she wanted, including brand name clothing. As time progressed, they had to make adjustments, because of financial difficulties. Even though she is poor, she dresses like if she has a lot of money. The piece was loaded with skillfully placed elements. The narration was excellent. The narrator sounds so natural, being playful helps to place the listener into the story. The thing that made the piece genuine was, including everyday school life, for example passing through the metal detectors and also creating a visual scenario, by getting the description of some fellow students outfits. Overall a brilliant piece, I have absolutely no complaints.