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Review of Losing a Friend to AIDS

A.I.D.S is an issue that affects all of us. In fact today is National A.I.D.S Awareness Day. In this story a youth reflects on the death of a close family friend. He died from A.I.D.S. She reflected to a few years earlier when her friends told her that he had slept with someone who was infected with the detrimental disease. She talks about how his body deteriorated and the anger and confusion she faced. It was perplexing how a once strong, healthy man could become so sick that his body could shrink, to the point that he wore the same size she did at the age of ten. The capturing element for me was, the narration, even though there were no other voices, the one voice I did hear was rich in description. The pacing was well done, and I was definitely able to put myself into her shoes. Even though the mood was sad, the piece effectively builds awareness in the hearts of the listener.However I felt like there could have been a little more emotions to capture the listeners' attention for example, music would have added a lot more feeling. This piece left me thinking about how A.I.D.S can destroy the human immune system, and destroy the lives of even the young and once healthy. Unprotected sex is one of the main causes of getting this disease, hopefully this piece will help, people to understand that A.I.D.S, does not discriminate, and it could happen to anyone who does not protect themselves.