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Review of Standing Outside An Execution

"Standing Outside An Execution" instantly caught my eyes, because one of the Directors of Radio Rootz actaully interviewed, Stanely 'Tookie' Willaims on that very day inwhich he was executed. This story is about a 19 year old boy, who narrates his experience of standing outisde of the prison where Tookie was to be executed within four hours. He does this from a present tense perspective.Giving in detail what he's thinking, as they drive to San Quentin.There he got to hear several arguments about redemption, the bible,and whether or not Tookie should be executed.Many believed that a miracle would happen to save Tookie's life. The narration was very important to this piece because it helped the listner in terms of visualization,by actually being inside his mind.This makes me feel like I am standing outisde the prison, awaiting Tookie's execution. Pacing was another wonderfully used element.A timeline format was used,it carries you step by step through the piece,making it flow terifically. In the intro it was stated that the 19 yr old was not political, and cannot give a reporters break down of the issues surronding Tookie's death.This makes the piece authentic, because we know he is just covering the story from an average person's point-of-view. The mood was important to the piece because at first everyone was full of hope and faith. This gradually fades as the time drew nearer to Tookie's death. When he died the mood changed from hope to sorrow. The outro leaves the listner wondering if Tookie's execution could have been prevented. Overall the piece was touching and informative.