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Review of "The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...Is That I'm Young"

With the growing issue of teenage pregnancies, "The Thing About Being A Teenage Mother...... Is That I'm Young"
helps to build awareness among teenagers, and any piece that does that definitely captures my eyes.This piece is about, two new teenage mothers still in High school. They talk about the difficulties of telling their parents and boyfriends, and the joys and pains they feel as young mothers. One girl had alot of family support, and support from the baby's father. However the other had alot less support, and had to deal with her baby's father, being in and out of prison. By using this comparison, it helps the listner to view teenage pregnancies from two different perspectives. The tone was sometimes joyful, and sometimes pitiful, but gave a sense of hope everytime the music was used to transition into each part.However I felt like the piece could have been more descriptive. It kinda kept me guessing, and did not make me visualize alot. This piece is very informative, it just gives young people a taste of reality.Hopefully it serves as another warning that we as youth, should practice abstinence or safe sex.