Piece Comment

Review of Abortion

Abortion is a well debated issue, in life as we know it. In the piece "Abortion" the perspective given was very unique. A young man from Kentucky interviews a local woman about her view on abortion. She almost aborted her child, but was not successful. At the time that she got pregnant, she was experiencing difficulty with her husband, and was trying to get away from him. One day after crying and feeling low she decided to do something unthinkable. She squatted on the floor and inserted a coat hanger, into herself in a desperate attempt to abort the baby. She was not successful, but now she had to worry about having a healthy, child. She could have injured the child, because the object was sharp and pointy. She then speaks about the several challenges of having a baby at a young age, financially and emotionally. The narration was straight forward, but filled with feeling, which revealed that the piece was realistic. It flowed beautifully, but the ending was boring, it did not give the reader something to remember. Abortion is a well done piece. It is not going to end the debates on abortion but it gives a realistic insight on the activity, while providing good advice for young people.