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Review of The First Time I Left Home

There are alot of homeless children all over the world.However what really captured my attention in the piece "The First Time I Left Home," was the age of the girls and the reason they were homeless. In this piece an eleven year old girl tells her stroy about, her sister and herself being kicked out of their homes at a tender age!The reason they were kicked out was because their mother, who was on crack, did not believe them when they told her that her boyfriend was molesting them.On the streets they struggled relentlessly,from drug addictions
to prostitution. Her younger sister stayed at home, she uses both her, and her other homeless sister to tell the story.

Since the narrator was the girl it was touching and gave me a real deep sense of pity, because I can actually hear the pain in her voice. At one point she said, "I did not know where to go or who to turn to, I had to make alot of decisions on my own."The sad music,which was used to transition into different clips also added a strong sense of sadness to the mood,which made me feel like crying. The piece paints a picture that gives me the feeling as if i'm walking through the cold,dark,lonely nights with these girls. The emotions were so deep, i'll remember the piece for many years to come.However i felt like the climax moment, towards the middle could have been better if there was more tension to hold my attention.

You can understand how much, being away from home, and not living an average life,affects her because in the outro, she compares what her life could have been like had she been able to stay at home. This story is brilliant i love the deep emotions and the butterflies I get after listening to the piece. Overall this is a really well done piece.