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Review of Single Teen Moms - Staying in School

There are usually bad stereotypes about pregnant teens who, drop out of school. In Single Teen Moms - Staying in School, there is a totally new outlook. In this piece a young female reporter explores the difficulties of the young mothers who do stick through high school. Similarly to the other stories you might have heard, they describe raising a baby as very difficult. However they are willing to makes sacrifices to ensure they make a better life for their kids. Even though trying to balance school and a child is stressful these ladies believe that bringing new life is a blessing. The piece was simple and to the point. The introduction was very good, she described her purpose for exploring the topic and also what makes her piece different from others on teen pregnancy. However it still consisted of a great step by step narration and it flowed superbly. However the piece could have been more captivating, had music been added. For a topic that has been, explored from several perspective, this was a very unique way of exploring it. The Girls also provided some great advice to young teens which was, Don't Get Pregnant!!