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Playlist: New from KUT and Texas Monthly

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 Credit: KUT
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An exploration into what may be history's verdict on the legacy of former President George W. Bush.

Final Exam: Grading the Bush Years

From KUT | 59:02

A profile of sorts and an exploration of the history and legacy of George W. Bush and the first eight years of a new millennium. A look at what may be history’s verdict on the 43rd President of the United States.

Bushy_final_small From KUT News in Austin and Texas Monthly, a special report on the legacy of President George W. Bush, “Final Exam: Grading the Bush Years.” Hosted by Texas Monthly Editor-in-Chief Evan Smith and produced by KUT’s Emily Donahue, this special report examines, through the eyes and opinions of supporters, detractors and historians, what history will choose to remember from President Bush’s two terms and how he will rank in history as a Commander-in-Chief. With commentary from Luci Baines Johnson, Matthew Dowd, Cecile Richards, James McMurtry, Margaret Spellings, Donald Evans, Daniel Bartlett and more, this program delves into the former president’s relationships with party faithful, the press and the world at large.