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Playlist: American Diabetes Month

Compiled By: PRX Editors

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Image by: Lauren's Hope Blog 
Curated Playlist

November is American Diabetes Month.

Below are picks chosen by PRX editorial staff. You can see all potential pieces for American Diabetes Month by using our search.

Dealing With Diabetes

From Capital Public Radio | 54:03

November is American Diabetes Month and this award-winning program tells first-person stories from the Type 2 diabetes epidemic. Health Care Reporter Pauline Bartolone profiles challenges faced by an African American mother, a Native American amputee and a Hmong family. Their stories illustrate the importance of culturally based approaches.

Carolyn_small Dealing With Diabetes: Three Stories of Ethnic Communities Coping with an Epidemic

Winner of 2 Awards in 2012:
Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary
The AHJC Award for Excellence in Health Care Journalism in the Public Health category

It's estimated that about 25 million American adults have diabetes, a disease that's preventable in most cases. Type 2 diabetes is hitting hardest in communities of color, where access to health care and health choices can be limited by income, education and geography. For many people in these communities diabetes isn't just a diagnosis, it shapes who they are and how they live their lives. Some are simply coping with the disease, trying to manage its impact. Others are evaluating the choices they've made in life with the goal of getting healthier today and in the future. And a few are teaching, trying to help family, friends and neighbors make better health decisions.

Among California's African American, Native American, Latino and Hmong communities, a diagnosis of diabetes can have life threatening consequences. This multimedia program examines how three ethnic communities in California are dealing with diabetes and how culturally-based approaches to health care are lengthening and saving lives. 
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Diabetic Halloween

From Johnny Plough | 05:56

what does halloween mean to a diabetic kid - when you take away the candy?

Almondjoy_small This is a short story on the way diabetics experience Halloween. It is a lighthearted look at the relationship between diabetics and candy, and the nature of Halloween pre and post-diagnosis. It aired on show #43 of Radio Anyway, a community radio program based in Traverse City, Michigan.

90 Year-Old is a Living History of Diabetes

From [redacted] [redacted] | 03:35

Gladys Dull is one of the longest living diabetes patients in the world

Gladisdull_small When insulin was first discovered more than 80 years ago, everyone thought it was a cure for diabetes. Turns out, the disease was more complicated. Gladis Dull of Walla Walla was one of the first people to get an insulin shot. At 90, she has also likely survived on insulin longer than anyone else in history.