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Playlist: Father's Day - ARCHIVED PIECES

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From Sue Mell | 08:46

People talking about their dads.

Sue Mell

Suemell_small Independent Producer Sue Mell asks people 3 questions about their fathers: 1.Were you close to your dad growing up? 2.Are you close to him now? 3.What's one thing that stands out in you mind about your dad--good or bad?


From Jill Strauss | 06:34

In this wobbly economy, few parents have the luxury any more of staying at home with their kids. But producer Jill Strauss found a father who can afford it, understands his value to the family, and, for the most part, really likes his role...

Michael_with_daughter_siri_small Before the 1960s it was uncommon for mothers to work and practically unheard of for them to make more money than their husbands. Today, 80 percent of mothers have jobs and one third of wives make more money than their husbands.  Some men are not cheered by this turn of events.But former Monitor Radio producer Jill Strauss found a papa at peace with his decision to mind the kids while his wife toils at the office. This upbeat story includes scenes with Michael's young children and an interview conducted on a bicycle built for two.

Consider airing this soft feature as more data unfolds about men's changing roles in American society, as an example of a contented stay-at-home parent or as an uplifting story for Father's Day. 

My Dad

From Littleglobe | 05:44

Cristina Trevizo's story of love and loss, family-style...

My Dad

Default-piece-image-2 Capital High School (Santa Fe, NM) student Cristina Trevizo provides a raw and compelling narrative about the death of her step-father and its impact on her life. The story is told in both English and Spanish, and touches on the immigrant experience as well.

Danny Boy

From Maeve Conran | 05:10

A daughter visits with her Irish father and while he doesn't remember her, they share a favorite old Irish song.

Danny Boy
Maeve Conran

Dad_small As a father with Alzheimer's forgets his youngest daughter, there is still intimacy and remembering together over his favorite song... Danny Boy.  An intimate portrait of a visit by a daughter to her father in an Alzheimer's nursing home.  While he can't remember her name, he remembers his favorite song from years gone by.

Give Dad a Break

From KSFR | Part of the Equal Time with Martha Burk series | 02:30

Two and one-half minute commentary by Equal Time host Martha Burk on fatherhood and paternity leave. Unlike the rest of the developed world, paternity leave is an alien concept in the U.S.

Give Dad a Break

Podcastphoto_small Only 12% of American workers get any kind of paid leave for care of family members, including newborns and adopted children.  In the few companie that grant the benefit, new dads get far less than moms. It's time we recognize dads need time off too.

Man in the Bed

From Western Folklife Center Media | Part of the What's in a Song series | 04:08

Songwriter Dave Alvin describes his song "Man in the Bed" which tells the story of the last day of his father's life.

Img00081_small Songwriter Dave Alvin was with his father in his last days. In the process, Alvin found that his dad had found a way to stay vital, despite the fact that his body was dying.

Record Bin Roulette - Fathers Day

From John Kessler | 03:46

Weekly 4 minute binge of musical rarities, oddities and classics. This time we celebrate Fathers Day with Johnny Cash, Victor Lundberg, Wayne Newton and Marilyn Monroe.

Father-knows-best_small Weekly 4 minute binge of musical rarities, oddities and classics. This time we celebrate Fathers Day with Johnny Cash, Victor Lundberg, Wayne Newton and Marilyn Monroe.

StoryCorps: George Lengel

From StoryCorps | Part of the StoryCorps series | 02:31

George Lengel remembers growing up in the company town of Roebling, NJ.

Lengel_small George Lengel was born in Roebling, NJ, where his entire family made steel wire at the John A. Roebling's Sons Company.

Here, Lengel remembers growing up in Roebling and the influence his father had on his future.

Dad at the Bus Stop

From Terrascope Radio | Part of the People and their Places series | 02:16

Anni's favorite place growing up was ... the school-bus stop?

Bus_small For most kids it's just a place to wait every day, but for Anni, one thing made the school-bus stop extra special....

Son of a Coalminer

From Appalachian Media Institute | Part of the Living with Coal in Eastern Kentucky series | 02:56

Josh Fleming grew up in a family of miners. In this piece he talks with his father about what being a coal miner has meant to his family and why he values the profession despite its risks.

Mcrobertscoal_small In Letcher County, KY coal mining is the best job there is for many people. It?s a part of our history, good and bad. The industry affects so much more than just the job market, it shapes who we are. With all the risks, to both people and communities, associated with coal mining you might wonder why anyone would go into the mines. We talked with our friends and family members to find out why they became miners and how mining has changed their lives.

Wild Man Night

From Jessica Gould | 04:20

Family Preserves Friday Night Tradition

Photo_small Decades ago, John Wiebenson decided to take over Friday night dinner for his family. But cooking wasn’t his strong suit. In fact, he was really just a steak and potatoes kind of guy. So, every Friday, he made just that. And as a special treat, he let his children act like little cavemen. Thus began Wild Man Night. And though Wiebenson died a few years ago, it’s a tradition that continues today. Jessica Gould joins Wiebenson’s family on a recent Wild Man Night and finds out what the tradition means to them.

Dear Father

From Littleglobe | 02:40

Gabriel Martinez, a seventh grader, wrote this thoughtful and moving letter to his unknown father.

Dear Father

2907198746_f076efdd17_z_small Gabriel Martinez, a seventh grader, wrote this thoughtful and moving letter to his unknown father.

Jumping Off The Raft Without Dad

From Nanci Olesen | 03:12

First person narrative about missing my dad.

Default-piece-image-2 Dad was the fun one, jumping off the raft and acting crazy. Now Father's Day is coming again and we miss him like crazy.

"I Still Love Him...Oh Well."

From Curie Youth Radio | 02:22

The struggle to accept that your parent didn't put you first.

Adriana33_small "My father was arrested for drug dealing. He wanted to act like a little kid, well...too bad. He's paying for it. But I still love him. Oh well." This teenager's matter-of-fact narrative is full of conflicting assertions about life without her dad. This piece is an illustration of the real-life, everyday struggle to accept that a parent just didn't love you enough to do the right thing. This story would compliment any piece on prison or separated families.

Green Fathers' Day

From Catalina Island Conservancy | Part of the June 2008 - Isla Earth Radio Series series | 01:32

Finding the perfect Father's Day present can be daunting. Does he really need a new wallet? Does he even wear a tie?

Default-piece-image-0 Finding the perfect Father's Day present can be daunting. Does he really need a new wallet? Does he even wear a tie? Well here are some ideas guaranteed to bring a smile to the big guy's face. After all, he is your dad!...

Efeméride – Junio

From Cesar Chavez Foundation | :30

Día del Padre


Produced to air on the yearly celebration of Father's Day
Esta produción es para celebrar el Día del Padre

What We Wish We Could Tell Our Parents

From april winbun | 01:31

Mom, Dad: About That Bullet Hole in the Basement...

Cyr_small Through this vox-pop, the entire world gets to hear the secrets that teenagers will never reveal to their parents. Some samples: "I sell porn to students" "Mom, I love Dad more" "I want to be a writer" "I joined the Marines" "Sorry, Mom, but my sister smokes pot on a daily basis" "Every time I said I was at the library, I was actually..."