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Playlist: The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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The Tragedy of JULIUS CAESAR

From Craig Wichman | 59:09

The true, timeless story of the ever-shifting lines between governance and oppresion, political action and violence.

Deathofcaesar_small "Excellent performances and music... all of the power of the Bard, while being as entertaining as HBO's "Rome"... Great job!" -Frederick Greenhalgh, WMPG ************************************************* Adapted by director Jay Stern (THE CHANGELING)from William Shakespeare's play, JULIUS CAESAR is one of the greatest works of one of the world's greatest writers. Featured are Craig Wichman (THE DEVIL YOU KNOW) as Brutus, Joseph Franchini as Cassius, Robert Chaney as Marc Antony, and James Prendergast as Caesar--in a cast including Emma Palzere, Dan Renkin, Clyde Baldo, Katie Nutt, Bernadette Fiorella, Derek Lively, and John Prave. Original music is by Frank Spitznagel (CHICAGO CITY LIMITS); sound effects by Eevin Hartsough and Mr. Baldo. Recorded by Phil Castellano, and edited by Dominick Barbera of SoundtrackNY. Produced by Mr. Wichman. ************************************************* "Brings out all the life and excitement in this history...(A) stunning work." -Rich Fish, LodesTone Media