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Playlist: March -- Documentaries on Demand

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It is March. Lions and lambs battle. And you need documentaries. Here are our recommendations

Buzz, Bands and the Biz: Why SXSW Matters

From KUT | 01:00:00

How a Regional Music Conference Became a International Phenomenon

Sxswlogo_small From March 9-March 18, the attention of the creative world will be focused on Austin, Texas and an event known the world over as South by Southwest. Each year, the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference gets bigger--with more people taking part in the music, film and interactive events. But the centerpiece of the long week happens on the final 4 days and 5 nights when the music conference gets underway. In this one-hour special, David Brown of KUT- Austin explores the growing significance of the world's biggest music festival. The program features commentary from Lyle Lovett, Billy Bragg, Jon Pareles of the New York Times, veteran music journalist Dave Marsh, Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen, and many others. It also includes exclusive performances captured live at South by Southwest. SXSW has a reputation as a launching pad for new artists--a place where people who are plugged in and passionate about music get tipped off to the next big thing. Here's the story of how it happened...and what it's like to be a part of SXSW. This program includes two :25 recorded promos with extra :05 music bed for station ID and time. Custom promos available on request. Promo copy for local use under "Information for Stations" heading.

Songs of the Troubles

From Charles Lane | 58:27

Perfect for St. Pat's or any Celtic music hour.

Sotflag_small Songs of the Troubles is a musical exploration of the conflict in Northern Ireland. The program contains several rare recordings that even the most ardent Celtic fan hasn't heard. All the while delving deep into the context of Irish folk music and giving listeners fresh insight into the rich music tradition. Songs of the Troubles is the musical companion to Voice of the troubles: http://prx.org/pieces/12273

Voice of the Troubles: Stories from the Irish Conflict(52/59 minute versions)

From Charles Lane | 59:00

Exploring conflict in the modern world through the stories and experiences of the Irish Troubles

Vottourture_small For Americans watching current events in Iraq, the stories of the Troubles are haunting. And when the looking glass is pulled back we see eerie similarities between the two conflicts: warring factions on all sides with a foreign army caught in the middle trying desperately to keep the peace. What is it like to live in constant conflict? What does the brink of civil war sound like? Voice of the Troubles answers those questions for an American audience by entering the lives of those who lived in Ireland during the 70s and 80s, waking up each morning to find bodies on their doorstep and bombs under their kitchen window. The program begins with an intimate conversation with a hunger striker's brother who was with him on his last night alive. We then hear two starkly different interpretations of the riots and protests that followed. The second segment follows the earlier lives of two children growing up during the Troubles, the good times and the bad. The program concludes in a soundscape of wisdom on the effects of conflict, how it erodes even the most fundamental elements of society. It's history passed through the lens of today's headlines.

Stories from the NYPD

From jrudolph group | 59:45

An audio history of the New York Police Department

180pxnewyorkcitypolicedepartmentemblem Archival recordings and recent interviews are woven together in this hour-long documentary that tells the story of the New York Police Department from the 1940s to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. From Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia's famous, "sock 'em in the jaw," speech to new police officers in 1942, to first-hand accounts of a 1964 Harlem riot in which the police fired thousands of rounds of live ammunition, to the gripping story of police officers running for their lives after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, this program opens a window into the NYPD's fascinating history and the complex relationship between the police and the citizens of New York . With a score that includes music from cop shows like "Car 54 Where Are You" and clips from films including "Shaft" and "Serpico,? this program is a compelling examination of the one of the world's leading leading law enforcement organizations before and after 9/11. Among the topics covered - corruption scandals, struggles by police officers to win union representation, and conflicts between the police and New York's African-American and immigrant communities. You'll hear the voices of cops over the decades - emotional, colorful and controversial - along with their critics, their supporters, and scholars who have studied the NYPD. "Stories from the NYPD" is the latest in a series of historical radio documentaries about New York City by award-winning independent producer John Rudolph. Earlier programs (produced with WNYC, New York Public Radio) focused on New York City's waterfront; the career of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan; and the '60s civil rights movement in New York.

The Chieftains

From Joyride Media | 59:01

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with The Chieftains

Chieftains_small THE CHIEFTAINS RADIO SPECIAL PLEASE CONSIDER SCHEDULING THIS PROGRAM AROUND ST. PATRICK S DAY The audio for this program is now available. PRSS Feed: Wed, March 8, 1600 ET Program ID: 06-000-00198 Channel: A72.7 Stereo One-hour music documentary salutes The Chieftains, Ireland's musical ambassadors to the world. You'll hear music they've recorded throughout their storied career, interviews with the band, comments and tributes from Celtic music historians and special guest artists who have joined them over the years - including Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs and Don Meade. Host: Acclaimed Celtic singer/songwriter Susan McKeown Producer: Paul Chuffo, Joyride Media Length: 59 mins with top/bottom of hour breaks Broadcast window: March - April, 2006 Terms: Free for all USA radio stations Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia@comcast.net, 201-386-1736

The Hyzdu Diaries

From KJZZ | 58:59

Audio Diaries of baseball player Adam Hyzdu

The Hyzdu Diaries

Default-piece-image-0 The history of professional baseball is checkered with can't miss prospects who never made it to the big leagues. But most guys quit trying after five, six, 10, 15 years. Not Adam Hyzdu. The first round draft pick tried for 16 seasons to get his big break. He still holds his Cincinnati area high school's home run record, passing Ken Griffey, Jr. He took a tape recorder with him to spring training for several years in a row. You'll never guess where he's playing now.