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Playlist: Rural Election Issues

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As part of our election coverage, PRX teamed up with ten stations in rural America to examine the issues facing the heartland.

Ethanol, immigration, healthcare and other issues affect rural communities in different ways.

See the entire list of pieces below and get the series promos here. For stations who license all the rural issues pieces there is an optional web player designed by KBIA to easily showcase this series on the web.

Broken Elections

From Center for Public Integrity | 03:34

A look at voter fraud, voter suppression, and election fraud

Dollars_small Were the chaotic presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 an anomaly or a harbinger of things to come this November? Next to the campaign fundraising that's under the constant spotlight trained on the center ring of the circus known as "buying of the president" is a side ring known as "fiddling with the election." Sometimes the acts there steal the show, as happened in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. As another fateful election approaches, a politicized debate is raging about voter fraud and voter suppression, in which neither side can agree on the nature of the problem, and every solution put forward is derided as a bid for partisan advantage. The real question remains unanswered: Are the systemic problems of the last two presidential elections likely to recur when the presumptive nominees, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, square off in November?

Election Signs

From Hillary Frank | 04:30

Graphic designer Michael Bierut answers the question: Why do all election signs look the same?

Mcgovern_poster_small Around election time, you?re likely to see more and more red, white and blue bumper stickers, buttons and lawn signs cropping up all over. Graphic designer Michael Bierut explains why so many of these campaign signs look the same, no matter what side of the fence they?re planted on. First aired as part of Studio 360's ongoing series "Design for the Real World" on 9/25/04.