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Caption: Common Loon, Credit: Matthew Studebaker

Diving Birds--Below the Surface (01:45)
From: BirdNote

By December, an array of diving birds that nested at far northern latitudes are wintering on temperate waters across the continent. If we could watch them under water, we'd ...
Caption: Common Raven, Credit: Richard Wesley

Winter-Nature's Cold Storage (01:45)
From: BirdNote

For birds and other animals with good natural insulation, winter provides a striking benefit as they scavenge. Bacteria function very slowly or not at all in the cold, ...
Caption: Northern Flicker, Credit: Mike Hamilton

Why Birds' Feet Don't Freeze (01:45)
From: BirdNote

Have you ever watched ducks walking around in freezing temperatures and wondered why their feet don't freeze? And how do birds, including this Northern Flicker, sit on metal ...
Caption: Winter Wren, Credit: Eugene Beckes

Winter Wren in a Carolina Cathedral, With Gordon Hempton (01:45)
From: BirdNote

Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, records the sounds of nature in pristine places. Mesmerized by a Winter Wren singing in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest of the Carolinas, ...
Caption: Alpine Swift, Credit: Agustin Povedano

Alpine Swifts Fly Nonstop (01:45)
From: BirdNote

How long can a bird fly without touching the earth? To find out, Swiss scientists attached sensors to Alpine Swifts. The sensors showed long periods when the swifts were ...