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Playlist: Susan Cook's Favorites

Compiled By: Susan J. Cook

 Credit: Susan Cook
Image by: Susan Cook 
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"It Had To Be -Un [Kim Jong]" In the Department of Poetic Justice (and the Great American Wrongbook)

From Susan J. Cook | Part of the The River Is Wide series | 02:46

A musical tribute to the most recent historic meeting of minds between You Know Who. And Who Else, to the tune from the 1924 tune "It Had To Be You",


In the Department of Poetic Justice (and from the Great American Wrongbook)

"It had TO Be -Un"

(could be sung to the tune from "It Had To Be You")


It had to  be -Un.

It had to  be -Un.

I travelled around, until I knew I'd found my -Un.

Yes, he's kind of short, oh, he's a brat,

said I was crazy,

how'd he know that.

It had to be -Un,

Wonderful -Un.

My -Kim Jong-Un.


Hey, maybe he said,

we won't move ahead

and try to agree,

I said "We'll see" . Hey, you know me.

Turns out he'd like

to take more time off,

like to be spening his time playing golf.

And I told him,

Hey I've got the spot

for my Chairman Kim.


Now, he won't be yearning,

just thinking and learning

refining his aim

fixing his game with that

golf club he's aiming.

He just needs time,

try to unwind ,

get South Korea off of his mind

That's what he'd like,

a golf course to hike,

see what he can find.


I told him I know

a place he can go,

practice his putts

Hey, no, he's not nuts.


could be just right

for Chairman Kim.

You heard me say,

It had to be him.

Prime real estate,

right here in the States.

It had to Kim.


When he said "Ahnee",

I said "We'll see.

Kept saying "Eh"

like Trudeau would say,

but this guy today

he means, "Oh Yes"

He'd like to see

Palm Beach. Get out there.

Land some on the greens.

For this guy today,

It's "Yes", not just "Eh"

That's what he means.


Ok, we forgot,

Gulags that was not

top tier today

When I said "Eh, eh"

so they haven't gone away.

The first human right

that we'll address

a man and his golf game

Who would've guessed?

The guy is a hack

would like to get back

to working his game.


So you can relax

he'll be with the hacks,

Sunday, even more

No nukes to distract

as he attacks

getting his line so that his putt

will make him a winner,

My guy Kim Jong-Un

Putting it in, Sounds like I win.

It had to be -Un.

How Einstein Understood E=mc Squared

From Susan J. Cook | Part of the The River Is Wide series | :55

Poetry Month and Einstein creating E=mc squared


Sonnet for Why Einstein Understood E=mc2


I believe it was Einstein’s broken heart

that led him to understand E equals

mc squared. He knew when E fell apart

in his life. He knew how love goes. Sequels

that should have followed each other wouldn’t.

Just one listlessly paralyzed moment proved

it. Nothing gave him motion. He couldn’t

lift a finger, let alone an arm moved

by a body, within a body, held

by light they shared: she’d hold hers for him, he’d

hold his for her, then they’d fall. Oh, they fell

and fell. It broke his heart, the last of E.

Bereft and broke, idle in his time,

he knew his heart longed for some equal sign.

A Sonnet for the Quantum Mechanics of Poetry

From Susan J. Cook | Part of the The River Is Wide series | 01:03

Poetry best helps us grasp the Quantum Mechanics topic of the latest Nobel Prize in Physics.


Sonnet for The Quantum Mechanics of Poetry 
-Susan Cook-
One by one, poetry will save us, from
our lonely point of view, to a wider 
grasp, the one we use when we have quantum
mechanics, undulating,  by our side. Were
there ever times a poem could not ease our
fears, placate rippled surfaces, hold us,
in steady impenetrable waves, its power
invisible, its embrace, enormous,
certain. There is no arguing or lost
attraction. Even bad poems, small ones, mentors
dismissed, the poems you, yourself , world-wide tossed
out, tumble like photons toward our centers.
There, eternally, they forget , with us
this world they’ve  reduced to waves, just for us.