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"Quality Of Death - End Of Life Care: Inside Out" is the 2009 Winner of the 1st place Award for Radio from the Association of Health Care Journalists

WBUR's Inside Out Documentaries produces sound-rich long-form specials and multi-part series. Correspondents Michael Goldfarb (London) and Sean Cole (Boston) turn topics inside out, emphasizing the sounds and voices within a story. Reportage, writing, narration, production and music synergize to transport listeners to the heart of the matter. From Goldfarb's encounters on the streets of Iraq before, during and after the war to Cole's finely woven oral histories, from revolutionary Islam in Iran, Egypt and Europe to the teen sexual abstinence movement in America, from the survivors of slavery and torture worldwide to the origins of American popular song, Inside Out takes the time to let the story be told the way it should be told. Inside Out Documentaries has received the DuPont-Columbia Silver Baton for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award, the New York Festivals' Bronze World Medal and numerous RTNDA/Edward R. Murrow Awards, among other honors. Inside Out programs are heard regularly on well over 100 stations across the country, in all major markets, and in weekly rotation on XMPR satellite radio. Visitors to Inside Out's web site find the stories continue in greater depth, with texts, photos, graphics, recordings and relevant links-as well as the ability to listen to any story, any time.



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Each year, more people visit zoos than all major sporting events combined. But while top zoos say they're at the forefront of wildlife education a...

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How four towns in an idyllic valley were levelled and burned in the late '30s to build the biggest drinking water reservoir of the era, as experien...

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Sean Cole travels to South Africa to meet the people who make kwaito, a genre of music mixing American hip-hop and South African pop styles, reflec...

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The story of how Jewish and African-American music came to be mingled is the story of how the soundtrack of the American Century came to be written

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This is the story of three men who served aboard the Exodus 1947, a Jewish refugee ship that tried to run thousands of holocaust survivors past the...

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