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Since 1958, WXXI has provided the Greater Rochester area and its 11 surrounding counties and southern Canada with the finest radio and television broadcasts available. The WXXI Public Broadcasting Council consists of six services -- WXXI-TV, AM 1370, Classical 91.5, Educational Services, Reachout Radio, and WXXI Online. WXXI has an honored history of local and national television and radio productions. Its programs range in scope from classical music, the arts, humanities, science and current affairs to an extensive schedule of engaging programs for children. For more about our diverse partnerships, see WXXI's Report to the Community.


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Leaving the world of adolescence and entering the adult world — the real world — can be a confusing time for anyone. But for young people with disabilities, it can feel like arriving at a cliff as they leave behind the cocoon of school and sometimes struggle to find a place where they belong. Exited, launching Nov. 13, is a podcast that will bring you the stories of eight young people, ranging in age from 17 to 26, as they navigate transitions in various settings – high school, higher education, sheltered workshops, day programs and home life.

Caption: Scott Regan, host of  State Street Sessions
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The New York State Music Fund gave many local musicians the opportunity to be heard on Public Radio. State Street Sessions highlights performances from Rochester, NY.

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Caption: Volunteer Peter Lent wades through Oatka Creek in Scottsville, New York, looking for bugs to send back to Albany., Credit: Caitlin Whyte/WXXI News
Helping the environment isn’t just about recycling and abandoning plastic straws. WXXI’s Caitlin Whyte explored the concept of citizen science, and...

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Caption: Barbara Jackson helps her son Jonathan put on his graduation cap and gown., Credit: Malinda Ruit/WXXI News
People like Jonathan Jackson tend to have an entourage. An entourage can consist of professionals and family members who support someone with disab...

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Caption: Veronica Volk/WXXI News, Credit: Akin Johnson holds his credential during the East High School commencement in June 2017.
In recent years, there has been a push to get people with disabilities into the general workforce. But despite these initiatives, some students who...

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Caption: While Carrie D'Olivo says there's no particular task that she especially enjoys in her job at ArcWorks, she says she wants "to stay here as long as I can.", Credit: MALINDA RUIT/WXXI NEWS
For lots of people, leaving high school means looking for a job. But for some people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, finding a job...

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Caption: Maggie McCrumb plays with a child at a day care center while being assessed by a "vocational evaluator," in order to get help with job placement from New York state., Credit: KAREN SHAKERDGE/WXXI NEWS
The number of college-based programs for students with intellectual disabilities is growing across the country, and they often provide many of thos...

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Caption: Nate Taylor works on an assignment during a class for students with disabilities that he took over the summer to avoid regression during the break., Credit: KAREN SHAKERDGE/WXXI NEWS
In the first episode of Exited, explore an early factor in transition – graduation tracks – through the experience of 17-year-old Nate, a student w...

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To be black and male in America carries with it a certain baggage. Two out of three black male students in Rochester are failing to graduate. "Need...

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