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Recent Pieces from Sean Cole

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99% Invisible #115- Cow Tunnels (Standard 4:30 Version) (04:29)
From: Roman Mars

The mystery of New York's secret meat hacking district.
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99% Invisible #105- One Man Is An Island (Standard 4:30) (04:29)
From: Roman Mars

No man is an island. Except for Busta Rhymes.
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99% Invisible #92- All the Buildings (Standard 4:30 Version) (04:30)
From: Roman Mars

An artist draws New York. And vice versa.
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Life of the Law #16 - Call NOW! (21:45)
From: Life of the Law

When things go bad, all you need to do is pick up the phone and CALL. Or so the late-night ads on basic cable tell us. Since the US Supreme Court allowed lawyers to advertise ...
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99% Invisible #17- Concrete Furniture (Standard 4:30 Version) (04:32)
From: Roman Mars

In 1965, the people of Toronto were revolting against City Hall. Over furniture. Made out of concrete.
Caption: Svitlana Svystun, England, Credit: Robin Hunt

Circus Performer (06:32)
From: Homelands Productions

Sean Cole profiles a Ukrainian dancer who performs with in a Russian circus that tours the UK.
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Haunting the Quabbin: Inside Out (01:02:02)
From: Inside Out Documentaries

How four towns in an idyllic valley were levelled and burned in the late '30s to build the biggest drinking water reservoir of the era, as experienced by former residents