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Making Contact, is an award-winning, 29-minute weekly magazine/documentary-style public affairs program heard on over 160 radio stations in the USA, Canada and elsewhere. Making Contact is committed to in-depth critical analysis that goes beyond the breaking news. - Ordinary people talk about how public policy affects their daily lives, families and communities, and share positive ways to solve problems. - Most shows are “evergreen” – can be played any time. See years of archived documentaries are available. - Excellent production quality and customer service.


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An international radio program that links people, vital ideas, and important information


Caption: B.C. Franklin (right), I.H. Spears (left) and Effie Thompson (center) filing insurance claims for survivors of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre in a Red Cross tent. , Credit: Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift from Tulsa Friends and John W. and Karen R. Franklin
On this episode, we turn our focus to how journalists and historians today are covering the Tulsa Race Massacre. KalaLea, producer and host of the ...

  • Added: Mar 20, 2023
  • Length: 29:00
Caption: Alt text: Four homemade masks made from patterned cloth sitting on top of a fabric cutting mat, Credit: Mai-Linh Hong
To mark the three year anniversary of the official start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we'll be looking at two alternative supply chains for masks that...

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Caption: Kelli Snyder and her son at their home in Weatherford, Texas., Credit: Zerb Mellish
On today's show, we hear a story from our podcast partner 70 Million about about the relationship between students with special needs and school r...

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Caption: Clockwise from top left: Jina Chung, Lucy Kang (microphone), Jessica Partnow, Anita Johnson, Amy Gastelum and Salima Hamirani
In this episode, long-time producers Anita Johnson and Salima Hamirani introduce the newest members of the Making Contact team, recap highlights fr...

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Caption: Mural from The Healing Project, Credit: Anita Johnson
This week on Making Contact we bring you to The Healing Project, a multimedia installation that shares stories from incarcerated people about how t...

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We talk to Raj Patel and Rupa Marya about their book "Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice."

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On the face of it, the legal arguments at the Supreme Court over the Indian Child Welfare Act seem to be a custody battle over Native children and ...

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Joshua Potash, a New York City-based anti-capitalist abolitionist discusses the history and theory behind mutual aid with our partners at The Respo...

  • Added: Jan 23, 2023
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Caption: Artwork by Phil Wrigglesworth
On today's show we learn about worker cooperatives: what are they and can they offer an alternative to the dominant capitalist mindset? Our partner...

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Caption: An unhoused man who goes by “Si Pues” sits with his belongings after moving them around the block during a sweep in Van Nuys, Calif. on July 29, 2022. Once the sweep was finished he will move back to the same spot., Credit: Alisha Jucevic
This week on Making Contact we continue with our look at a community of unhoused people in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California and how they were f...

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