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Stories for Passover about family, slavery, food, and... well, lice.

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(this 58:30 program is the final version) Lublin, Poland, 1797: While they prepare for Passover, a family of Jewish women klezmer musicians struggl...

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"Stories Make the World" is an hour-long audio documentary celebrating the rich tradition of Jewish storytelling within the context of storytelling...

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Veteran public radio reporter Jon Kalish's 16-year journey into the Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn.

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One hundred years of Brighton Beach memoirs.

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Caption: Ramallah, Credit: JW
Never before aired! PRX exclusive! A personal tour through the Holy Land, looking at how the conflict started and what it's like today between Jeru...

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Caption: Hagadah of Sloan's from her father., Credit: photo Warren Lehrer
Actress/Radio Producer Judith Sloan produces Dayenu, a story/commentary with music by Frank London and Judith Sloan. Sloan looks at the complexity ...

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Jews around the world celebrate Passover this week. The holiday recounts the Biblical story of the exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. There’s...

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Jerry Cohen, owner of Economy Candy on New York City's Lower East Side, takes Blake Eskin on a tour of the shop's Passover selection (with a few c...

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Visit a matzo factory and meet the family that's made Passover tasty for 80 years.

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When it comes to Passover, why is this state different from all other states?

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Caption: Kantigas Muestras is a Ladino chorus based in Los Angeles., Credit: Rhonda J. Miller
As Jews around the globe celebrate Passover to commemorate the exodus from slavery in Egypt, a community chorus in Los Angeles is keeping alive the...

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Caption: Syracuse University Passover in the Carrier Dome Breaks Their Record with 530 People in Attendance
Hillel at Syracuse University shows us how easy it just may be to set a Guinness World Record and be remembered by the world.

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Caption: Rabbi Tobias Geffen
The story of how one rabbi got Coca Cola to become kosher

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Why is this Coke different from all other Cokes? Answer: It's Kosher for Passover!

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One matriarch tells the story of preparing the same elaborate feast for Passover that her family's been making for over 80 years.

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An interview with the creator of "A Hip-Hop Haggadah"

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A fun, sound-rich portrait of what it takes to cook a Passover seder.

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Determining the dates of Easter and Passover led directly to our modern calendar.

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Caption: Robin Washington, Credit: Julia Cheng
Robin Washington is African American and Jewish and has family members all over the world. Some are Jewish, some are other religions but many celeb...

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