Soundbites: A Series On Food

Series produced by Rebecca Sheir

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On the table... and on the air.

Producer Rebecca Sheir offers food for thought with this series of appetizing features. Meet an Alaskan whose competitive cupcake-baking made her a national TV star, and learn why professional "gurgitation" is not for the weak of stomach. Hear the trials and tribulations of keeping Passover in the Last Frontier, and discover why baking sourdough is anything but a piece of cake. Plus, the dangers of a fish-eat-mouse world, and the ins-and-outs of becoming a certified beer judge.

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Caption: The Big Board offers a stock exchange... for beer., Credit: agencyQ
A new restaurant is trying to corner the market on neighborhood pubs, with beer prices that fluctuate in real time, based on customer demand.

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Caption: At RAS, you can order Caribbean food (like the Bake and Shark, left) or Ethiopian cuisine (like the vegetarian platter, right)., Credit: Rebecca Sheir
What happens when Africa and the Caribbean culinarily collide in the U.S. capital? Dig in and find out!

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When it comes to Passover, why is this state different from all other states?

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In Alaska, sometimes it isn't "Go Fish"; it's "Go Mouse"...

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Nina Fefelov's Samovar Cafe brings a tempting taste of Russia to rural Alaska... with a heaping helping of one-of-a-kind love.

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