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Caption: A Vietnamese boy exposed to Agent Orange., Credit: Kirk Torregrossa

Sculpting Agent Orange's Legacy (07:13)
From: Avishay Artsy

A Dartmouth student travels to Vietnam to document in sculpture the legacy of Agent Orange.
Caption: Frank Reinhold, owner of Flag Hill Winery, addresses the students, as Annalisa Sivieri and Paolo Camozzi look on., Credit: Avishay Artsy

Italians Study New England Food Culture (08:55)
From: Avishay Artsy

Italian eco-gastronomy students learn about sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in New England.
Caption: Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, Credit: Avishay Artsy

50 Years of Newport Folk (06:18)
From: Avishay Artsy

This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Newport Folk Festival.
Caption: Lexington High School senior Alex Parrish leads the actors in a version of "Two-Headed Boy" by Neutral Milk Hotel, while freshman Emma Feinberg (right) sings along., Credit: Avishay Artsy

Setting The Holocaust to Stage (07:10)
From: Avishay Artsy

Students in Lexington, Mass. have written a play based on the music of '90s band Neutral Milk Hotel.
Caption: The courtyard for the violently insane, New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, Concord, NH, Credit: Christopher Payne

Amongst the Ruins (07:34)
From: Avishay Artsy

A tour of the abandoned buildings and decrepit remains of the New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane proves that mental hospitals aren’t that scary after all.