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From the urban ghetto of the American Midwest, one of the most promising rappers rising through the ranks right now is Freddie Gibbs. He comes from...

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Caption: A still from the 1920 film "Manhatta."
The early American experimental film "Manhatta" gets a much-needed facelift.

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Caption: Mike D’Errico, left, and Jeremy Murphy make up the chiptunes duo The Attic Bits., Credit: Avishay Artsy
A pair of young electronic musicians put a dance-inspired spin on video game music.

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A new business helps local restaurants save money and help the planet by composting.

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Caption: Bryan White and John Herman, co-creators of "How to Survive the Strange.", Credit: Avishay Artsy
New Hampshire filmmakers are launching a new web television series called “How to Survive the Strange.”

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Caption: A photo of the Beijing rock band Hedgehog, taken from the book "Sound Kapital.", Credit: Matthew Niederhauser
A look at a fast-changing China through the lens of youth culture and rock music.

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The ancient Chinese myth of Madame White Snake is reborn as an English-language opera.

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
A New Hampshire couple argues about environmental issues.

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Caption: 'Mikhail', 'Andrius' and 'Hans' who are played by Matt Walley, Jason Lambert and Jonathan Fielding., Credit: Steve Wilda
A new play examines pioneer life and immigration and technology a century ago.

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Caption: Students practice martial arts in Chicago's South Side., Credit: Andrea Silenzi
A martial arts school in Chicago’s South Side reinforces community in a violent neighborhood.

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Caption:, Credit: Kevin Dooley
Is there a Santa Claus? A look at how today’s embattled editorial writers would answer that question.

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Caption: Steve Wood, owner of Poverty Lane Orchards., Credit: Scott McIntyre
A fine cider revival could provide a lifeline to struggling New Hampshire apple growers.

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Caption: The courtyard for the violently insane, New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane, Concord, NH, Credit: Christopher Payne
A tour of the abandoned buildings and decrepit remains of the New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane proves that mental hospitals aren’t that scary af...

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Caption: Lexington High School senior Alex Parrish leads the actors in a version of "Two-Headed Boy" by Neutral Milk Hotel, while freshman Emma Feinberg (right) sings along., Credit: Avishay Artsy
Students in Lexington, Mass. have written a play based on the music of '90s band Neutral Milk Hotel.

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Caption: Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, Credit: Avishay Artsy
This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Newport Folk Festival.

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Caption: A Vietnamese boy exposed to Agent Orange., Credit: Kirk Torregrossa
A Dartmouth student travels to Vietnam to document in sculpture the legacy of Agent Orange.

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Caption: Frank Reinhold, owner of Flag Hill Winery, addresses the students, as Annalisa Sivieri and Paolo Camozzi look on., Credit: Avishay Artsy
Italian eco-gastronomy students learn about sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in New England.

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