Comments by Joshua McNichols

Comment for "Rudy's Gray Area"

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City name?

Great piece. I think I could have used it on the radio if it had named the city so we could mention that in the copy.

Comment for "Knock Out"

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Good but incomplete

Love the sound of this piece but needed some reflection at the end.

Comment for "Lost Boyfriend (A Postcard from Mexico)"

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A pronouncer on Carmen's last name would be helpful.

Comment for "Election Day 2008 NewsDub"

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Review of Election Day 2008 NewsDub

I love this format. It's a great way to think about and reflect on what we've heard in the news.

Sometimes music and news clips are used to editorialize. This particular example maintained some neutrality, and for that reason I think might be useful as filler in a news program.

My only complaint is it would be nice to hear something - perhaps in the formatting - that made it clearer when we were hearing a pundit and when we were hearing a person on the street.

Comment for "Saying Good Bye To Food"

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Review of Saying Good Bye To Food

Nothing is held back in this piece. The narrator has the self-esteem to invite us into a very personal, vulnerable space, and I felt rewarded by that experience.

This could fit in a "This American Life" type show, or any type of show dealing with health, economics (as obesity is sometimes an economic problem), or even a literary content.

Comment for "Shoplifting 101"

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Review of Shoplifting 101

A radio station would get a lot of calls for airing this. The piece makes a sort of game out of shoplifting. It's utterly engaging and well done. I think it could do very well on "This American Life" or a similar show. But to get it aired anywhere else, I think you'd need to balance it with another viewpoint, in order to keep the station's sponsors from pulling their funding.

Comment for "The Crabby Hermit considers coming out of his shell"

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Review of The Crabby Hermit considers coming out of his shell

Utterly engaging narrator, with a unique story, perspective, and voice. I appreciated the range of his voice, how he broke the stream of his narration with unexpected interjections.

This would fit as a "story" segment on a literary-type show in an urban radio market.

This was on of my favorites among those chosen by PRX for podcast.

Comment for "The End of Harry Potter?"

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Review of The End of Harry Potter?

I learned a lot about editing for narrative arc from the edited version of this piece. I look forward to hearing other well-edited pieces by this author.

Comment for "BP"

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Review of BP

I enjoyed this, but thought it would have benefited form a slightly slower pace. I felt like it needed a little more room to breathe. The narrator's voice is excellent, but could use a little bit more variation throughout the course of the piece to show a greater range of feeling and break up the length.

Also, I wasn't quite convinced by the music, it tended to distract me. I think that introducing the music more deliberately at limited strategic points would help this piece.

Comment for "Through a Door" (deleted)

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Review of Through a Door (deleted)

I learned a lot about using sound effects from this piece. I enjoyed the sense of space. Not everything gets explained, there's a lot of room for the mind to work. Thanks.

Comment for "The Moth on Air - hour program" (deleted)

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Review of The Moth on Air - Feature Pilot (deleted)

This reminded me of a Spalding Gray monologue. In the best possible way.