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Recent Pieces from Joshua McNichols

Caption: Ivan Galvez of Picoso, Credit: Joshua McNichols / Day Job

Day Job 6: The Mind Reader (11:16)
From: Joshua McNichols

Ivan Gálvez plays timbales with the Seattle band Picoso. He also scans my brainwaves with an electroencephalogram machine at the hospital where he works. Basically, he reads ...
Caption: Chris Cunningham of Ravenna Woods has a day job as a paralegal, Credit: Joshua McNichols

Day Job 4: Fight The Man (10:42)
From: Joshua McNichols

Chris Cunningham fronts the Seattle band Ravenna Woods. He looks the part, too, with a lip ring, skinny jeans and facial hair. What he doesn't look like is a paralegal. That ...
Caption: Lesli Wood of The Redwood Plan, Credit: Joshua McNichols

Day Job 3: The Best Laid Plans Of Lesli Wood (14:20)
From: Joshua McNichols

Lesli Wood has achieved almost every goal she's set for herself. She's a professional lawyer. And her band, The Redwood Plan, has played to big crowds at Seattle's ...
Caption: Pi Day at Pies and Pints, Credit: Joshua McNichols

Day Job 2: Pi Day (11:06)
From: Joshua McNichols

Kennith Darling played bass with Seattle band The Trouble Starts. That is, he used to, until the band broke up. "I feel like I lost three really close friends," he said. But ...