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The Sandwich: A Love Story (06:51)
From: David Condos

According to the USDA, nearly half of all the American adults listening to this story right now will eat a sandwich today. So, how has this simple arrangement of bread, meat, ...
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The Hadley Park Line Dancers (15:57)
From: David Condos

Meet Joann Jones. She's 79 years old, and she loves to dance. So, she helped start a line dancing class for senior citizens at the Hadley Park Community Center in North ...
Caption: The Hadley Park Line Dancers in action, Credit: David Condos

In North Nashville, Line Dancing Becomes A Lifeline Out Of Isolation For Senior Citizens (05:06)
From: David Condos

Before the pandemic, a group of older Nashvillians founded a free line dancing class at the Hadley Park Community Center. The bonds they’ve formed there have helped them ...