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Recent Pieces from Muriel Murch

Caption: The Barrett Pear tree dies

New Year's Storms (09:11)
From: Muriel Murch

The New Year came riding in on a wind storm, killing old and young trees. The crew comes in to work their music and magic
Caption: Ponys and their men

War Games among the Tipas Porteñas (10:44)
From: Muriel Murch

From old games to old soldiers war remains in our minds
Caption: Jacaranda is Spring time

A Few Good Men (10:29)
From: Muriel Murch

Daily living in Buenos Aires is made better with the meeting of A Few Good Men
Caption: Snow on the mountain

Bearing Witness (07:24)
From: Muriel Murch

The events that occurred in Japan last weeks are a reflection of nature's work. The woodland and lagoon activities along the roadsides, reflect another look at the word safety.
Caption: Curley Dog Cafe, Credit: Walter Murch

A Letter, Returning (09:14)
From: Muriel Murch

There is always looking when returning to a place that is loved for memories sake as well as what it means to us today
Caption: Go Fish, Credit: Walter Murch

Coming Home (09:18)
From: Muriel Murch

At home after surgery is where the hard work of healing begins.
Caption: Quilt from London Quilters exhibition., Credit: Walter Murch

Quilting through History (09:56)
From: Muriel Murch

Quilting binds women together through history and in community.
Caption: Farmers ready to Bid, Credit: Beatrice Murch

Markets for Farmers (10:29)
From: Muriel Murch

The Feria de Mataderos in Buenos Aires is the biggest cattle market in the world. Monday through Thursday 45,000 head of cattle pass though it's pens.
Caption: Villa La Pietra, Credit: Walter Murch

Schools: Ancient and Modern (10:58)
From: Muriel Murch

It is time for an Old Girls reunion at St. Catherine's School before heading to Villa La Pietra and New York University, Abroad