All Pieces for Muriel Murch

Caption: Florence Nightingale helps a sick man, Credit: unknown
A conversation between nurses. Interviewer Muriel Murch talks with nurse, writer and poet Cortney Davis

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Caption: Journeymen Christian and Philip , Credit: Walter Slater Murch
Two young Journeymen from Germany show up on the farm and spend the night.

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Caption: The Barrett Pear tree dies
The New Year came riding in on a wind storm, killing old and young trees. The crew comes in to work their music and magic

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Caption: Kheops PYramid, Credit: Wikipedia
While remembering the women of Egypt in 1980 we pay homage to the women in 2011

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Caption: Ponys and their men
From old games to old soldiers war remains in our minds

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Caption: Jacaranda is Spring time
Daily living in Buenos Aires is made better with the meeting of A Few Good Men

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Caption: Autumn comes gently
A look at the European tricks and treats of the last month, England in Autumn before leaving the UK

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Caption: Canal Bridge at night, Credit: Walter Murch
La Roche sur Yon and Ghent are two of the international film festivals that love the fall

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Caption: Felix Angelini-Hurll, Credit: Walter Murch
Sometimes we need help when dressing for a special occasion. In England Moss Bros. will 'give only the best service.'

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Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
The Conceptual artist Mr. Ai Wei Wei, was detained by the Chinese authorities on Sunday April 3. Where has he been taken and why?

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Caption: Snow on the mountain
The events that occurred in Japan last weeks are a reflection of nature's work. The woodland and lagoon activities along the roadsides, reflect ano...

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Caption: Walter Murch acceptance Speech, Credit: Connie Angland
Three blocks of South Figuerola Street show us three faces of California

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Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
A Quiet Sunday in London is very different from another Sunday in Cairo

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Caption: Harrods' at Night
The end of January in London sees the Harrods' sale end, the world news and a new Taxi Driver on the road

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Caption: Curley Dog Cafe, Credit: Walter Murch
There is always looking when returning to a place that is loved for memories sake as well as what it means to us today

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Caption: The Mansions at night, Credit: Walter Murch
We fly to Las Vegas for the weekend while a racing pigeon finds her way to the farm.

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Caption: Go Fish, Credit: Walter Murch
At home after surgery is where the hard work of healing begins.

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Caption: Titanium Knee Xray, Credit: Walter Murch
Doctors and nurses make notoriously different patients. This old RN finds a new perspective from The Other Side of the Bed

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Caption: Sunday Father's Day Supper, Credit: Walter Murch
How do women share and care for each other through their ages.

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Caption: Nelson at home, Credit: Muriel Murch
Driving round the bay brings us to a Duck and an oyster farm

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