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MPR's Youth Radio Series pairs high school and college-age reporters from diverse backgrounds with an experienced MPR producer to create compelling stories for MPR News.

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Caption: Jean Shepherd at the WOR studio, Credit: Wikipedia
A eulogy of President John F. Kennedy by the late broadcaster Jean Shepherd, (1921-1999)

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Caption: Valencia McMurray (left) interviews her mother about the attack that nearly took her life when Valencia was 6., Credit: Sasha Aslanian
Valencia McMurray revisits an incident that happened in her family when she was six and has kept a hold on her family 14 years later.

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Grace Pastoor, a high school junior in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, interviewed students about how they see bullying and whether they think adults ca...

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Caption: Brenda, 19, walks through her Minneapolis neighborhood. She's been living as an illegal immigrant in Minnesota since she was 7 years old., Credit: MPR Photo/Jeff Thompson
When Brenda was 7, she was carried across the border from Mexico. Now 19, the Minneapolis teen wishes she could live and work legally in the countr...

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Caption: Mara Kumagai Fink (right) interviewing her great aunt Matsue at Manzanar, the camp she was brought to in northern California.
Mara Kumagai Fink explores her family's experiences in the internment camps during WWII. Mara spent the summer interviewing family members and revi...

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Caption: Tiara Bellaphant graduated from St. Paul Central High School on June 9, 2010.  A participant in the Destination 2010 scholarship program, Bellaphant plans to attend Tennessee State University in the fall., Credit: MPR Photo/Julie Siple
In 2001, Tiara Bellaphant became part of an experiment. Third graders at seven low-performing Minneapolis and St. Paul schools were offered mentori...

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Caption: Antonio Gonzalez and his mom, Judy Ojeda, at a friend's wedding in 2009., Credit: Courtesy of Antonio Gonzalez.
Death makes the news. Grief doesn't. When Judy Ojeda, a public health worker, died last October, she left behind a husband and six kids. Her oldest...

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A 15-year-old delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program records her reactions to the nation's capitol and meeting a Supreme Court Judge an...

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Gay and lesbian teens are at greater risk of homelessness than their straight peers. Roy Lee Spearman Jones tells his story of being young, gay and...

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How a mother's skiing accident changed a family's life and offered lessons to her daughters.

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