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The Class of 2025

Caption: Ellen Millender, Reed College Professor, Credit: Michael Clapp, OPB
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Politics 101 BC: A Look at Similarities Between Ancient Politics, and Our Modern Democracy

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Caption: Ammon Bundy removes a fence from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January., Credit: Jess Burns/OPB
An hour-long documentary from Oregon Public Broadcasting about the 41-day armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that rocked an e...

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Most kids in OPB's Class of 2025 attend a school that got a major overhaul this summer. Oregon Public Broadcasting's Rob Manning checks out the cha...

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It's three weeks until school starts in Oregon. It can't come too soon for parents who are struggling to keep their kids fed, supervised, and learn...

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Oregon has an ambitious long-term goal for its public schools: that starting in 2025, every child will finish high school.

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Caption: Ashley from the Class of 2025., Credit: OPB
AIR WINDOW OPENS JUNE 4TH In this hour we're going to hear from parents, teachers and education experts. OPB aims to follow more than 20 members o...

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Caption: Octavio Zurita speaks Spanish at home with his family and English at school with his teachers and classmates., Credit: Michael Clapp / OPB
Language, Part 1--Reading, math, science — they’re all priorities for today’s public schools. But there’s something more basic that young students ...

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Caption: Kalani Fulmer with her mother, Jessica Fulmer., Credit: Amanda Peacher / OPB
When children change schools, what happens to their academic performance?

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Caption: Earl Boyles Elementary School Principal Ericka Guynes, Credit: Michael Clapp / OPB
As we follow students in the Class of 2025 at Earl Boyles elementary, it's worth noting the student achievement there is improving.

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Caption: First grader Dude Rabideau., Credit: Michael Clapp / OPB
Language, Part 2— A look at the connections between language and long-term academic success.

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Caption: Ellen Millender, Professor of Classics and Humanities at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Credit: Michael Clapp, OPB
How do we know that there was voter fraud in ancient Athens? Pottery shards tell the tale.

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