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Caption:  Columbia River Valley from the Oregon Shore towards Washington, Credit: Chris Light, Wikimedia Commons

Wolves at the Well: The Corporate Grab of Public Water (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Water is critical to maintaining the balance of life. Some corporations claim ownership of fresh water sources to bottle and sell for profit. Others use water as a tool to ...
Caption: This photo captures the bloom's peak, on August 13, 2018., Credit: NOAA

Harmful Algal Bloom Ends With “Relatively Mild” Season On Lake Erie (:40)
From: Great Lakes Today

Lake Erie’s harmful algae bloom season is over for the year – and it wasn’t as bad as scientists had expected. Great Lakes Today's Elizabeth Miller has details.
Caption: Western Lake Erie in September 2017 , Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream

Scientists forecast significant algae bloom on Lake Erie (:48)
From: Great Lakes Today

The annual algae bloom forecast for western Lake Erie is out and scientists predict a significant bloom.
Caption: The effects of erosion in Euclid, Ohio, Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream

Erosion threatens coastal property along Great Lakes (03:54)
From: Great Lakes Today

Great Lakes water levels are high right now – Lake Erie’s are two feet above average, which threatens coastal properties from Ashtabula to Toledo. Ideastream’s Elizabeth ...
Caption: Birders on the Magee Marsh boardwalk, Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream

“Biggest Week” brings flock of birders to Ohio (03:48)
From: Great Lakes Today

It’s a special time of year for migratory birds. Tired from their travels, they stop on the coast of western Lake Erie to rest and refuel. Nine years ago, Ohio non-profit ...
Caption: Side Scan Sonar Image of Excavation Areas Outlined in Red of the target believed to the Lake Serpent, Credit: Tom Kowalczk/CLUE

New shipwreck discovery might be Lake Erie’s oldest (:51)
From: Great Lakes Today

A Cleveland group may have discovered Lake Erie’s oldest shipwreck.
Caption: Map of Project Icebreaker, Credit: Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation

Developer wants action on stalled Lake Erie wind farm (:50)
From: Great Lakes Today

A Cleveland company trying to build a set of wind turbines on Lake Erie has been waiting since last July for the state to certify its project. This month, the group filed ...
Caption: Lake Erie in September 2017, Credit: Elizabeth Miller/ideastream

Ohio EPA calls western Lake Erie 'impaired' (:55)
From: Great Lakes Today

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has decided to include Western Lake Erie in a list of impaired waters ... due to the harmful algae blooms that plague the region ...
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Congress saves Great Lakes funding (:43)
From: Great Lakes Today

Federal funding for the Great Lakes has survived again thanks to Congress. This is the second time the Trump Administration proposed a big cut to the Great Lakes Restoration ...
Caption: The Margaret Olwill, Credit:  [Historical Collection of the Great Lakes/Bowling Green State University]

Divers uncover 1899 Great Lakes shipwreck (:56)
From: Great Lakes Today

A group of underwater explorers has announced the discovery of the Margaret Olwill, a steam barge that sank in Lake Erie off the Ohio coast in 1899.