Letter From A. Broad

Series produced by Muriel Murch

Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
Image by: Walter Murch 
A Broad at Home 

Letter from A. Broad starts with a picture and a pang of the heart. From there it must beat into life, be penned as a letter and finally produced into a radio broadcast.

At the end of an extended time away in London, Murch wrote the first of her Letters from A. Broad. Though she has since returned to California she still travels frequently with her husband while producing a biweekly Letter From A. Broad.
Letter from A. Broad airs on kwmr.org during 'Good Morning West Marin,' hosted by Susan Deixler. Pete Horner www.mixmonkey.com composed and performed the theme music.
This is a 1200 word letter written and produced with sound effects suitable for a morning show or other general public affairs program. Times out at under 10 minutes.
The script will be available in the upload.

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Caption: Journeymen Christian and Philip , Credit: Walter Slater Murch
Two young Journeymen from Germany show up on the farm and spend the night.

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Caption: The Barrett Pear tree dies
The New Year came riding in on a wind storm, killing old and young trees. The crew comes in to work their music and magic

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Caption: Kheops PYramid, Credit: Wikipedia
While remembering the women of Egypt in 1980 we pay homage to the women in 2011

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Caption: Ponys and their men
From old games to old soldiers war remains in our minds

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Caption: Jacaranda is Spring time
Daily living in Buenos Aires is made better with the meeting of A Few Good Men

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Caption: Autumn comes gently
A look at the European tricks and treats of the last month, England in Autumn before leaving the UK

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Caption: Canal Bridge at night, Credit: Walter Murch
La Roche sur Yon and Ghent are two of the international film festivals that love the fall

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Caption: Felix Angelini-Hurll, Credit: Walter Murch
Sometimes we need help when dressing for a special occasion. In England Moss Bros. will 'give only the best service.'

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Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
The Conceptual artist Mr. Ai Wei Wei, was detained by the Chinese authorities on Sunday April 3. Where has he been taken and why?

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Caption: Snow on the mountain
The events that occurred in Japan last weeks are a reflection of nature's work. The woodland and lagoon activities along the roadsides, reflect ano...

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Caption: Walter Murch acceptance Speech, Credit: Connie Angland
Three blocks of South Figuerola Street show us three faces of California

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Caption: A Broad at Home, Credit: Walter Murch
A Quiet Sunday in London is very different from another Sunday in Cairo

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Caption: Harrods' at Night
The end of January in London sees the Harrods' sale end, the world news and a new Taxi Driver on the road

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Caption: Curley Dog Cafe, Credit: Walter Murch
There is always looking when returning to a place that is loved for memories sake as well as what it means to us today

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Caption: The Mansions at night, Credit: Walter Murch
We fly to Las Vegas for the weekend while a racing pigeon finds her way to the farm.

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Caption: Go Fish, Credit: Walter Murch
At home after surgery is where the hard work of healing begins.

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Caption: Titanium Knee Xray, Credit: Walter Murch
Doctors and nurses make notoriously different patients. This old RN finds a new perspective from The Other Side of the Bed

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Caption: Sunday Father's Day Supper, Credit: Walter Murch
How do women share and care for each other through their ages.

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Caption: Nelson at home, Credit: Muriel Murch
Driving round the bay brings us to a Duck and an oyster farm

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Caption: Quilt from London Quilters exhibition., Credit: Walter Murch
Quilting binds women together through history and in community.

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