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Compiled By: Rose Weiss

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Travelers In The Night (Series)

Produced by Albert Grauer

Most recent piece in this series:

765 Bright Fireball

From Albert Grauer | Part of the Travelers In The Night series | 02:00

765-bright-fireball-srewart_small Please see the transcript.

Groks Science Radio Show (Series)

Produced by Charles Lee

Most recent piece in this series:

Hypothesis Driven -- Groks Science Show 2023-09-27

From Charles Lee | Part of the Groks Science Radio Show series | 28:30

Grokscience_small Typical business development processes often ignore the principle of hypothesis driven science.  How can these scientific approaches be applied to business?  On this episode, Alex Cowan discussed his book, Hypothesis Driven Development.

Climate Connections (Series)

Produced by ChavoBart Digital Media

Most recent piece in this series:

Climate Connections October 2 - October 27, 2023

From ChavoBart Digital Media | Part of the Climate Connections series | 30:00


This month on Climate Connections:

Air Date            Title:

Mon., 10/2 - Young people hold Montana accountable for contributing to climate change: Sixteen young activists took the state to court, fighting for their right to a healthy environment.

Tue., 10/3 - Gun violence rises with the temperature: Data from 100 U.S. cities shows that hotter-than-normal days coincide with a higher risk of shootings.

Wed., 10/4 - People with Alzheimer's disease face higher risks in heat waves: New data reveals an alarming connection between high temperatures and emergency room visits.

Thu., 10/5 - Researcher maps places and populations who face extreme heat risk: The idea is to help planners and decision-makers around the world identify vulnerable residents and take steps to keep them safe.

Fri., 10/6 - How green roofs can help cities adapt to climate change: They can lower energy costs, help control stormwater, and cool urban areas.

Mon., 10/9 - Climate change could increase pressure on declining American kestrel population: Changes in the timing of spring could cause a mismatch between their nesting behavior and the availability of food for their chicks.

Tue., 10/10 - Wildfire smoke can infiltrate your home, even when windows are closed: Air pollution can be just as bad inside a home, research finds. Air filtration can help.

Wed., 10/11 - The reality of climate-induced relocation in Rwanda: Government-mandated moves offer improved services but can challenge traditional ways of life.

Thu., 10/12 - ‘Bubble curtains’ help protect whales from the noise of offshore wind construction: Whales and other marine mammals can be disturbed by underwater sounds.

Fri., 10/13 - Wyoming facility will extract carbon pollution from the air: Project Bison is one of several direct air carbon capture systems under development in the U.S.

Mon., 10/16 - Pacific Island nations stand to lose much more than land as seas rise: The Rising Nations Initiative seeks to secure a permanent existence for threatened island countries, protecting their sovereignty and culture.

Tue., 10/17 - The climate threat to California's stored nuclear waste: Sea level rise could eventually erode a Humboldt Bay bluff where 37 tons of nuclear waste are stored underground.

Wed., 10/18 - Research: Solar panel prices are dropping without sacrificing quality: Newer, cheaper solar panels are just as durable as older, pricier models, according to a study at Sandia National Laboratories.

Thu., 10/19 - How to protect inland communities from climate gentrification: In some areas, wealthy coastal residents want to move inland — which could displace existing residents.

Fri., 10/20 - Some homeowners in need don’t qualify for government weatherization programs: Projects in North Carolina and South Carolina are working to help.

Mon., 10/23 - How drought and rising temperatures drove millions of Somalis from their homes: A small increase in average monthly temperatures led to a 10-fold jump in the number of refugees.

Tue., 10/24 - Baltimore church becomes an extreme weather ‘resiliency hub’: Solar panels and batteries keep the lights on, and it’s stocked with emergency supplies.  

Wed., 10/25 - Rising seas and extreme storms threaten Norfolk, Virginia: Since both the local community and the U.S. naval base are at risk, one researcher suggests pooling resources. 

Thu., 10/26 - Players of this board game explore how to power New York City on clean energy: They take on the roles of a politician, activist, engineer, or entrepreneur.

Fri., 10/27 - Inmates are nurturing sagebrush seedlings: The seedlings are transplanted into areas torched by wildfires.