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Playlist: Possible half-hour shows

Compiled By: Rose Weiss

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With Good Reason: Weekly Half Hour Long Episodes (Series)

Produced by With Good Reason

Most recent piece in this series:

Winning NIL (half)

From With Good Reason | Part of the With Good Reason: Weekly Half Hour Long Episodes series | 29:00


NIL sent shockwaves through college athletics when it was signed into law in 2021. Now student-athletes could earn money off of their name, image, and likeness. But there weren’t any guide-rails to help student-athletes navigate the new NIL landscape. Enter Kim Whitler. She co-wrote Athlete Brands: How to Benefit from Your Name, Image and Likeness. And: In 2020, Sha’Carri Richardson was barred from representing Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics because she tested positive for marajuana. Jo Morrison says there are many other elite athletes like Richardson who’ve had their reputations tarnished for taking banned substances that have little to no evidence of enhancing performance.

Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

Most recent piece in this series:

Subsurface granite on the Moon? The anatomy of a lunar hot spot

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50


A decades-old lunar mystery gets an update in this week's Planetary Radio. Matt Siegler from the Planetary Science Institute shares his team's surprising findings about the granite formation that might lie beneath Compton-Belkovich, a thorium-rich hot spot on the far side of the Moon. Then Bruce Betts, chief scientist of The Planetary Society, shares What's Up in the night sky.

Discover more at: https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio/2023-subsurface-granite-on-the-moon

Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Most recent piece in this series:

Living Planet 11/17/23

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW series | 29:59



Interview: 'Less war, less warming' w/Dr Patrick Bigger & Khem Rogaly

Portugal's wave energy - Lisa Louis

The Write Question (Series)

Produced by KUFM - Montana Public Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

The Write Question - D.M. Bradford

From KUFM - Montana Public Radio | Part of the The Write Question series | 29:00


About the Book:

Somewhere in the cut between Harriet Jacobs and surveillance, Southampton and sneaker game, Lake Providence and the supply chain, Bottom Rail on Topa kind of archives-powered unmooring of American histories of antebellum Black life and emancipation, sets off a mediation between the complications of legacy and selfhood. In their sophomore collection, Darby stages the action of the collection in tandem with the matter of their own life, creating a poetic palimpsest of Black bodies and stories. These are stories told in knots and asides, held together with paper trails, curiosities, and hooks—again, a kind of “archive-powered” disruption, or what poet Douglas Kearney calls a “slo-mo recoil” of what we know of Black history in America.

About the Author:

Darby Minott Bradford is a poet and translator based in Tio’tia:ke (in Montreal). Bradford is the author of Dream of No One But Myself (Brick Books, 2021), which won the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry, was longlisted for the Grand Prix du livre de Montréal, and was a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize, Governor General’s Literary Awards, and Gerard Lampert Memorial Award. House Within a House by Nicholas Dawson, Bradford’s first translation, was published in 2023 by Brick Books.

World in Progress: Global Development Issues ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Most recent piece in this series:

World in Progress 30/11/23

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the World in Progress: Global Development Issues ~ from DW series | 30:00


Anna Osius, voiced by Jennifer Collins: Sudan humanitarian catastrophe (4’30) 
Tayler Drake & Bianca Carrera: Sudanese in Egypt (12’00) 
Anupam Deb Kanunjna, voiced by Natalie Muller: Humanity 1 (9’30) 

The Steve Pomeranz Half Hour (Series)

Produced by The Steve Pomeranz Show

Most recent piece in this series:

My Last Commentary To You All

From The Steve Pomeranz Show | Part of the The Steve Pomeranz Half Hour series | 29:00


Episode 977:
Steve's Market Commentary:
My Last Commentary To You All
On this final show, I talk about some of the most important themes I have covered over these many years. Themes that may help you become a little wealthier and a little more financially secure.

How To Handle Investments In A Low-Yield Environment
With Christine Benz
With Christine Benz, Personal Finance Editor at Morningstar.com and author of The Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds: Five Star Strategies for Success
It ain't easy out there to earn a decent amount of income from your investments. Industry veteran, Christine Benz of Morningstar and Steve discuss the best tips and advice to handle this low-yielding environment.