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Playlist: Emotional Intelligence

Compiled By: Chuck Wolfe

Working alongside the pioneers in emotional intelligence. Credit:
Working alongside the pioneers in emotional intelligence.

Interviews with key people in the field including Peter Salovey, Jack Mayer, Dan Goleman, Carey Cherniss, Marc Brackett, Helen Riess, David Caruso, and Josh Freedman.

Yale President Peter Salovey Talks about Emotional Intelligence and the Emotion Roadmap

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 12:32

Peter Salovey and his colleagues share their insights regarding the history of emotional intelligence and the practical applications contributed by Chuck Wolfe. This is an excerpt of an earlier interview.

Wolfe_ei_picture_for_web__2__small Yale President Peter Salovey, University of New Hampshire Professor of Psychology Jack Mayer, and David Caruso, also affiliated with Yale, discuss the history of emotional intelligence and their collaboration with Chuck Wolfe. This interview is an excerpt and is 12 minutes long. The full interview is 53 minutes.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: The Pioneering Psychologists

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 54:01

Ever wonder why some leaders appear unwilling to pay attention to others' feelings? Ever wonder why a particular person really upsets you and you can't seem to control how you feel when you are around them? Listen to this interview to find out how to influence others and how to manage your own emotions more effectively.

Logo_for_web_small Peter Salovey, Provost at Yale University and Jack Mayer, Psychologist at University of New Hampshire were the first to research and write about a new intelligence they called "emotional intelligence". Dan Goleman published a best seller called Emotional Intelligence in 1995. Since that time many programs and models of emotional intelligence have emerged. David Caruso, a psychologist, consultant, and research affiliate at Yale, joined with Peter and Jack to create the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) which is an ability based model of emotional intelligence. Chuck Wolfe joined with Peter, Jack, and David to publish an earlier version of the MSCEIT, and to help find ways to make the knowledge of emotional science highly useful to people in the workplace, and in life in general. The Emotion Roadmap was a key outcome of the work we all did together.  In this interview you will hear: why this truly is a new intelligence; how emotional abilities are measured; why the differences in our individual abilities matter; and how to improve your emotional abilities. Can you imagine having more control over how you feel and how others are feeling? How about learning how to lead and becoming an inspirational leader? While this interview will not solve all your emotional challenges, it will provide you with tools, and insights, to help you plan emotionally for better outcomes!

Dan Goleman and Chuck Wolfe Discuss What Makes Coaching Work

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 04:59

Short segment discussing key aspects of coaching leaders and other individuals. Dan discusses the philosophy and theory behind coaching and Chuck talks about the practical application of his work to a Division 1 Basketball Team.

Head_shot_2013_chuck_and_john_small Short segment discussing key aspects of coaching leaders and other individuals. Dan discusses the philosophy and theory behind coaching and Chuck talks about the practical application of his work to a Division 1 Basketball Team.

The Power of Focus: A Conversation with Dan Goleman

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 55:42

Dan Goleman wrote the book called Emotional Intelligence in 1995. The book generated enormous interest in the science of emotional intelligence and in learning more about social and emotional competencies. His most recent book on Focus, is another gem, that helps readers to understand the importance and power of the ability to focus one's attention, will power, and cognitive control in creating life success.

Logo_for_web_small Dr. Dan Goleman co-founded the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning and he is the co-chairman of The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Dan has been identified as one of the leading thinkers and authors in the field of emotional intelligence and he continues his pioneering efforts in bringing to the world more knowledge about how to use our emotions to become more effective in accomplishing our personal goals and in helping to address major issues in the world that impact the powerless and the poor. In this interview you will hear about his personal journey and about why he wrote this most recent book and what he wants us to know about.

Emotional Intelligence and Burnout: An Interview with Cary Cherniss

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 34:39

Dr. Cary Cherniss is currently the director and co-chair (with Daniel Goleman) of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. He is also Director of the Organizational Psychology program at Rutgers University. He is an expert in EI and workplace stress. Our interview is about the Consortium, about the differing definitions of EI, and about how to recognize signs of burnout and what to do about it.

Wolfe_ei_picture_for_web_small The mission of the EI Consortium is to advance research and practice of emotional and social intelligence in organizations through the generation and exchange of knowledge. The Consortium is highly respected and one of the first organized efforts to provide information for public consumption about the rapidly growing field of emotional intelligence. Dr. Cherniss has been a leading pioneer in these efforts.

Emotional Relationships at Work and at Home

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 21:38

Two callers, Rich and Cathy, with challenging situations. Rich is dealing with passive aggressive behavior at work and Kathy is dealing with dysfunctional relatives of her husband. The Emotion Roadmap, applied to both situations, helps them come up with effective strategies for moving forward.

Wolf_logo_2015b_small If you are wondering about the Emotion Roadmap and how it works, two callers, Rich with a challenging situation at work, and Cathy with a challenging situation at home, provide interesting and engaging examples of the application of the Emotion Roadmap. The Emotion Roadmap begins with understanding how people are feeling, then asks what would be ideal to feel, and then considers strategies to move from existing feelings to more helpful, ideal feelings. 

Just Good Enough is Perfect

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 44:21

Have you ever felt like you had to be perfect? Maybe it was a job interview, a speech, a meeting you were leading, a performance review, a conflict, or a conversation to repair a relationship with a good friend or loved one.

Many people struggle in life because they set unrealistic expectations for themselves. Listen to this Emotion Roadmap show to learn how being just good enough can lead to a better, more satisfying and enjoyable life.

Wolfe_ei_picture_for_web__2__small Rich calls to ask for help with his retired friends. A number of them have worked hard all their lives, saved what they could, only to find they don't have enough money to live the way they want. This has led to stress related deaths and some suicides. And no one is talking about it. Suzanne calls to talk about being an artist who always seems to focus on any imperfection in her art work. Vanessa calls to see if she get some help in controlling her anger with her son. Chuck Wolfe, the host of the show helps them all create some possible strategies to improve their situations by employing the Emotion Roadmap to help them accept being "good enough."

Restoring Trust in a Marriage with the Emotion Roadmap & a Question for You

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 30:37

Listen to songs by Freebo, an explanation of the Emotion Roadmap, a real time successful conversation with a woman who wants to trust her husband again, and a caller at the end who is perplexed and wants to know what women mean when they talk about feelings. How would you answer him?

Wolfe_ei_picture_for_web_small I would like to know your thoughts he might call back! I hope you find this 30 minute audio session to be entertaining, enlightening and educational.

Dr. Helen Riess on Empathy, Healthcare and Life

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 54:11

Changes in healthcare have led to pressures on providers to spend less time with patients resulting in less time for questions, empathy and compassion. Helen Riess, M.D., a Harvard Medical Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and Chief Scientist and Chairman of Empathetics, is one person working hard to reverse this trend. Dr. Riess's company teaches empathy to doctors and other healthcare professionals often leading to very positive outcomes. A very empathetic person herself, Dr. Riess shares insights beyond healthcare including the role of empathy in life in general and insightful suggestions for helping others achieve success.
















Dr. Riess has devoted her career to teaching and research in the art and science of the patient-doctor relationship. Her company Empathetics offers novel training based on the neurobiology and physiology of human interactions that improve interpersonal behavior benefiting both patients and clinicians. Empathetics training enables accurate interpretation and translation of emotional communications, resulting in greater trust, safety and satisfaction for patients and medical professionals. You can learn more about her company at http://empathetics.com/



Emotional Resilience - How to Survive and Thrive in Challenging Times

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 59:09

Challenges come in many forms both personal and professional. An expert in the field of emotional intelligence, Geetu Bharwaney, has combined the knowledge of what we are learning about this field with another topic from psychology called resilience. Key highlights from her book Emotional Resilience are available in this one hour interview on my radio show "The Emotion Roadmap."

Chuck_in_orlando_png3_small Are you feeling under pressure due to all the changes occurring in business and in your personal life? Are you worried about saferty? Are you worried about the the debt from your college education? Are you worried that you are about to retire and you may not have enough money saved? Are you worried about climate change and environmental damage? Are you concerned about the proliferation of guns, terrorists, and other mass shooters? Are you unemployed, under employed, or worried about losing your job? While this show doesn't answer all these questions it does address a key competency necessary for surviving and thriving, i.e., emotional resilience.

Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 55:09

Recently a colleague of mine, Dr. Marc Brackett, has been named as the leader of the new Center of Emotional Intelligence which will begin operation in Yale University in April, 2013. In the interview Dr. Brackett discusses the vision for the new center, how the center is based on the ability based model of emotional intelligence, how the programs to be offered will provide life long learning strategies for helping children in schools, and for helping adults in the workplace and throughout life enhance how they manage their own emotions, the emotions of others, and their emotional relationships.

Wolfe_ei_picture_for_web_small I worked with Dr. Brackett in a school district in New York. We combined the emotional literacy program he introduced with the Emotion Roadmap that I created. I started my professional career as a school counselor. I worked with affective education in the 1970s and saw very impactful results that made an enormous difference in the well-being of the children I had the privilege to work with. I am excited and inspired by the efforts Marc has made to improve the emotional intelligence of children. After the horrific events that transpired at the end of 2012 in Newtown, CT. more than ever I see the need to make social and emotional learning part of every school system at every grade level, for children, for teachers and administrators, and for parents. During the interview we discuss how people can work with Yale and the new center. If you enjoy listening to the interview please let others know about it and about the center's work. If you have the time please register and leave a comment.   

Sound Advice for Helping Young Women Going to College #3

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 52:30

Two young women, Victoria and Carolyn, who are about to go off to college share their goals, hopes and concerns and get sound advice from Gail Syring, a student affairs professional at the University of Hartford. Topics include how to live with a roommate, make friends, stay safe, stay focused, maintain appropriate contact with family and friends at home, handle drugs, alcohol, unwanted sexual advances, manage stress and eat well.


Gail shares a lot of insightful and useful information. Victoria and Carolyn are both graduates of Staples High School in Westport, CT and they are engaging young women about to begin the next big chapter in their lives. We hear from all three about the transition from leaving home and high school and going off to college and a new destination to live.


6 Seconds: A Global Organization leading the way to Social and Emotional Learning

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 55:24

6 Seconds is a global organization and network supporting people to create positive change - everywhere, all the time. With offices in ten countries and certified associates in over 70 nations, 6 Seconds is a world leader in implementing emotional intelligence strategies in all types of organizations, including being one of the leading providers of social and emotional learning in schools. In this interview I discuss with Joshua Freedman, Chief Operation Officer, and Susan Stillman, Director of Education, Global Office, the profound impact of the horrific events that occurred in December, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, and how organizations like 6 Seconds are working to make the world safer, in part, by introducing emotional literacy and social and emotional competencies to students, teachers, administrators and parents.


6 Seconds in over 15 years of global experience and extensive research has found that the scientifically-based skills of emotional intelligence are learnable. They have found that by teaching people about emotional literacy and social and emotional competencies they have seen improvements in quality of life, relationships, emotional wellbeing. They have also found that their curriculum and strategies lead to improved academic performance, higher test scores, and an enhanced feeling of community among students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

I have known and worked with Josh Freedman over the years and I highly respect his energy, intelligence and passion for the work. He is a highly talented speaker, consultant, author and trainer. Most recently he has organized a major conference on emotional intelligence at Harvard University scheduled for June of this year. Susan is a consummate educator, researcher, author and leader who is helping educators worldwide implement social and emotional learning. If you wish to know how to improve the schools where you live and you want some practical ideas on how to become more emotionally intelligent yourself, I hope you take the opportunity to listen to our interview. And if you find it meaningful please share it with others. Enjoy!

Warm regards,

Chuck Wolfe

Hiring Managers say Emotional Intelligence is Key: Become more Emotionally Intelligent

From Chuck Wolfe | Part of the The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel & Control How You Feel series | 53:39

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020. Show starts with reasons why doing for others is uplifting. Most of the show is dedicated to discussing concrete ideas for developing emotional intelligence.

Ceo_panel_small A colleague of mine, Harvey Deutschendorf, in an article for Fast Company  called 7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Job Skills wrote about the need for increasing emotional intelligence. I focus on Harvey's key points and provide examples of how to improve and enhance your individual emotional intelligence skill set at work. As part of the explanation on how to get along and cooperate with others I spend some time discussing the situation in the NFL regarding kneeling during the Anthem.