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This is a collaboration between Marjorie Leet Ford and David Litwin.


Caption: Julia and Paul Child Valentine, Credit: Schlesinger Library www.radcliffe.edu/schlesinger_library.aspx
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A set of special programs on food in fiction -- started in 1997 but never aired till now. Julia introduces classics "about eating, some cooking, and most of all about people." Stories are performed by actors or the authors themselves, and sometimes chefs step in with recipes.

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Contemporary short stories performed by their authors -- usually recorded in the intimacy of their own homes. After some conversation and commentary, the treat is a complete, dramatic story.


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This is a remembrance of Peter Matthiessen. He invited us to his house in Sagaponack, to hear a story. He gave his characters' accents, fun for him...

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Anne Tyler has a new book out! "The Beginner's Goodbye." Here Julia Child presents passages from an earlier Anne Tyler favorite, "Dinner at the Hom...

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Caption: Julia Child
Julia Child wanted to be a novelist, or to write for The New Yorker. "They weren't interested in me, for some reason." So she just kept reading. An...

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Caption: Julia Child
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Willa Cather, John Steinbeck, and Julia Child: All loved to eat. Here's a Cather story about a priest who loved his food more t...

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Caption: Julia and Paul's Valentine, Credit: Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts
Happy Valentine's from Julia Child! This one-hour special was started years ago but never aired till now. She presents two love stories that have t...

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Caption: Julia Child, Credit: Christopher Hirscheimer
Julia Child takes us back in time, presenting 2 stories -- "A Christmas Carol," read by the actor Peter Donat; and "I Was Really Very Hungry," writ...

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Julia says, "'A Christmas Carol' is a lovely story to read during the holidays, because it has a happy ending." The actor Peter Donat takes us to V...

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Caption: Julia Child, Credit: Christopher Hirscheimer
A gift from the Julia Child Foundation. We hear Julia introducing her late friend, M.F.K. Fisher, who takes us out for a staggeringly gluttonous me...

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Caption: Edna O'Brien
Julia Child introduces the Irish writer, Edna O'Brien, who gives a magnificent performance of VIOLETS, a story about fixing lunch for an important ...

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Caption: John Steinbeck, Credit: FANPIX.net
A gift from the Julia Child Foundation. In "Cannery Row" the hobos poach a chicken over a campfire, in a 5-gallon coffee can. What they don't know,...

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