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The American Homefront Project is reporting on military life and veterans issues. We're visiting bases to chronicle how American troops are working and living. We're meeting military families. We're talking with veterans -- in their homes, on their jobs, at school, at VA hospitals -- to learn about the challenges they face.

Support for the American Homefront Project comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as part of CPB's ongoing effort to expand coverage of local, regional, and national issues. Additional support comes from our partner public radio stations -- North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC, Texas Public Radio, KPBS-San Diego, KCUR-Kansas City, and WSHU-Fairfield, Conn.


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In commemoration of Veteran’s Day, the American Homefront Project collaborated with the PBS documentary series "American Veteran" to profile men and women who have served in the U.S. military.


Caption:  Former Navy fighter pilot John Semcken was a technical advisor on the set of the first 'Top Gun' movie in 1986., Credit: Libby Denkmann / American Homefront
"Top Gun: Maverick" is scheduled for release next year. But perceptions of the military and warfare have changed since the original iconic movie pr...

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Caption: Risha Grant, an inclusion and bias expert, holds a closed-door discussion with leaders at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. June 30. Throughout the summer, the Air Force has been holding town halls and trainings about racial injustice., Credit: Sarah Brice / U.S. Air Force
Advocates are calling attention to statistics that show Black airmen are brought up for punishment more often than their white counterparts. The Ai...

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Caption: Former Air Force medic Lisa Thompkins is among the veterans living at the West L.A. VA's tent encampment., Credit: Matt Tinoco / KPCC
The VA sanctioned encampment provides basic services to homeless veterans amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It's drawn mixed reactions from homeless advo...

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Caption: Female service members and veterans attend a Veterans Affairs Women's Health Transition Training event at Fort Carson, Col. in February. The training program now has moved online because of the COVID-19 pandemic., Credit: Neysa Canfield / U.S. Army
Women are the fastest growing subgroup among veterans. But many view the VA Health System as a place only for men.

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Caption:  Soldiers gather for a 2019 awards ceremony at Fort Bragg, N.C. The base is one of 10 that Pentagon leaders say they are open to renaming., Credit: Joshua Cowden / U.S Army
With the call for changing the names of 10 Southern military bases gaining momentum in Washington, the question is starting to arise in Washington ...

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Caption: Members of the California Army National Guard assemble emergency food kits at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. , Credit: Jason Sanchez / U.S. Air National Guard
Even as members of the Guard and Reserve are seeing longer and more frequent deployments, they don't always receive the same retirement, education,...

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Caption: A gravestone for a German POW in the San Antonio VA cemetery. The stone is engraved with a swastika and an inscription that references Adolf Hitler., Credit: Military Religious Freedom Foundation
The stones, engraved with swastikas, mark the graves of German POWs who died in the United States during World War II.

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Caption: Marine judge advocate Emma Shinn (left) takes her oath of office from Maj. Rebecca Harvey in 2019.
The UCLA study shows broad support among servicemembers for transgender people in the military. But the military still bans transgender people from...

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Caption: National Guard Specialist Joshua Smoak, a camera operator, sits inside a Mobile Video Surveillance System Truck in Rio Grande City, Texas., Credit:  DeJon WIlliams / Texas Air National Guard
For military personnel at the U.S.-Mexico border, including National Guard troops, it's an unusual assignment. Many are quartered in hotels, and th...

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Caption: Michael Rodriguez, left foreground, president of a group that wants to build a 'Global War on Terrorism' memorial, shows the proposed site to several supporters after a Nov. 2019 sunrise run on the National Mall., Credit: Caitlin Kim / Colorado Public Radio
Normally, Congress waits at least ten years after a war ends to authorize a monument. But supporters say a proposed "Global War on Terrorism" memor...

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