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It started with a donated Transmitter and the vision of one man. In the early 1950s, Kenneth K. Jones, a professor in the speech arts department at San Diego State College (now San Diego State University), proposed the revolutionary idea that the college create and operate an educational broadcasting station. With a start-up budget of $6,370 and an FM transmitter donated by KFMB Radio, San Diego State commenced broadcasting at 89.5 FM on September 12, 1960. This new station was called KEBS (as in “Educational Broadcasting in San Diego”) and its earliest broadcasts lasted a mere two-and-a-half hours a day. KEBS Television, Channel 15, debuted on June 25, 1967. IN 1969 the Public Broadcasting Service was born. Sooner than anyone else thought of it, KEBS applied for a new set of call letters. Thus, in 1970, our radio and television stations came to be known as KPBS. That was the same year KPBS sent out its first programming guide, now known as On Air Magazine. KPBS continues to be housed on the San Diego State University campus, having moved in 1994 to the Copley Telecommunications Center, where all station facilities and staff are united under one roof for the first time. The 63,000 square foot Copley Telecommunications Center launched KPBS into a new era of digital technology, with state of the art studios and production facilities. Since taking to the airwaves more than 40 years ago, KPBS has grown to be a vital part of the San Diego community. With 89.5 FM, KPBS-TV, KPBS-HD, the world’s first digital television station, and more than 50,000 members, KPBS continues to provide San Diegans with exceptional programming and community services.


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A joyride through the English language.

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  • Updated: Jan 18, 2005

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Electronic musicians from the Nortec Collective talk about how life on the border influenced their music. The piece has music weaved throughout.

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