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The American Homefront Project is reporting on military life and veterans issues. We're visiting bases to chronicle how American troops are working and living. We're meeting military families. We're talking with veterans -- in their homes, on their jobs, at school, at VA hospitals -- to learn about the challenges they face.

Support for the American Homefront Project comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as part of CPB's ongoing effort to expand coverage of local, regional, and national issues. Additional support comes from our partner public radio stations -- North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC, Texas Public Radio, KPBS-San Diego, KCUR-Kansas City, and WSHU-Fairfield, Conn.



Caption: Army recruits take their Oaths of Enlistment at Fort Lee, Va. June 22., Credit:  Patrick Buffett / U.S. Army
The Army is holding its first nationwide virtual recruiting campaign, after the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to scale back face-to-face interactions...

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Caption: Service members receive thanks from the hospital staff at Jacobi Medical Center in New York, where they helped treat COVID-19 patients., Credit:  Xavier Navarro / U.S. Air Force
Some doctors and nurses with the Air Force Reserves are warning the public not to underestimate the continued threat posed by the coronavirus. They...

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Caption:  Soldiers gather for a 2019 awards ceremony at Fort Bragg, N.C. The base is one of 10 that Pentagon leaders say they are open to renaming., Credit: Joshua Cowden / U.S Army
With the call for changing the names of 10 Southern military bases gaining momentum in Washington, the question is starting to arise in Washington ...

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Caption: Members of the California Army National Guard assemble emergency food kits at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. , Credit: Jason Sanchez / U.S. Air National Guard
Even as members of the Guard and Reserve are seeing longer and more frequent deployments, they don't always receive the same retirement, education,...

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Caption: Members of the Georgia National Guard stand in formation as gas is used to dispurse crowds in downtown Atlanta on May 31, 2020., Credit:  Tori Miller / U.S. Army National Guard
Some members of the National Guard are facing consequences because they refused orders to deploy to major cities during this month's protests.

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Caption: Maria and John Mishkind video chat with Maria's brother, Army veteran Harry Stapleton, who is a resident at the Orlando VA Community Living Center., Credit: Stephanie Colombini / American Homefront
Like most long-term care facilities, VA nursing homes haven't allowed in-person visitation since early March.

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Caption: Aubrey Rose, an 18-year U.S. Army veteran, marches with an upside-down American flag over his shoulder in a protest against police violence in Denver., Credit:  Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite
For some veterans, the demonstrations against police violence are a chance to find their voice.

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Caption: A gravestone for a German POW in the San Antonio VA cemetery. The stone is engraved with a swastika and an inscription that references Adolf Hitler., Credit: Military Religious Freedom Foundation
The stones, engraved with swastikas, mark the graves of German POWs who died in the United States during World War II.

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Caption: Spc. Trent Bostic of the North Carolina National Guard examines and sorts produce at a Food Bank., Credit:  Hannah Tarkelly / U.S. Army National Guard
In some states, recruiters are reporting an uptick in the number of people who are expressing interest in joining the Guard.

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Caption: Air Force retiree Berthienna Ogden uses the VA's Video Connect telehealth service as part of a 2019 VA demonstration., Credit: Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Use of the Veterans Health Administration's telehealth platform has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the agency's infrastructure has stru...

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