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On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon. They had reached the distant light that humans had admired and looked up t...

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Caption: First Man On The Moon, Credit: 50th Anniversary
Traveling through Time & Space back to 1969 with Richard Nixon, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, Arthur C. Clark, Ronald ...

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Caption: Chasing The Moon
Robert Stone's three part documetary, Chasing The Moon, airs July 8-10 on the PBS history series The American Experience. After previewing the epic...

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Caption: Image from Picturing Apollo 11, Credit: JOHN BISNEY & JL PICKERING
Dave talks to John Bisney and JL Pickering as we ramp up our coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing this summer. Bisney and Pickering...

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The politics behind the Apollo Program

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Caption: The crew of Apollo 1, Credit: NASA photo
The fire on Apollo 1 killed three astronauts and nearly destroyed the space program

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Caption: Composite five frame shot of the Saturn V boosters lift off carrying Apollo 11 to the moon., Credit: GETTY
This 1-hour radio documentary will celebrate the moon landing through the eyes of those who witnessed it and the memories of those who contributed ...

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Caption: Neil Armstrong's official NASA portrait, Credit: NASA
We celebrate the 47th anniversary of the first moon landing with the reprise of a conversation with author and NBC space reporter Jay Barbree about...

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Caption: Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11
50th Anniversary Mix of man's trip to the moon which began on July 16th, 1969

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What if Apollo 11 had crashed?

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"Craning" is about the space program.

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Given the chance, would you take a trip to walk on the moon? This week on Wind & Rhythm we pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 m...

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Perhaps you were too young or weren't even born! This 2 hour journey brings you back to July 16th - 24th of 1969. From blast off to splash down. Wi...

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Caption: WBOI's Folktale of Lunar Fancy, Credit: Julia Meek
All eyes and ears are pointed to that heavenly nightsky, this edition of Folktales, so grab a moonbeam, and join us on this musical flight of Lunar...

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Award-winning music documentarian Paul Ingles hosts this week's mix of tunes from his eclectic personal collection. This week, a theme show of "moo...

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